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Our Process

We use a custom agile app development approach that is designed to put you in control of your project. It reduces your risk, increases transparency between our team and yours, and gives you predictable project velocity.


The foundation of your product. This involves fleshing out your vision to ensure product viability and understanding the project scope. Design gives a more complete story of the app, encompassing wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and prototyping.


During planning we address all design and technical challenges, identify any risk areas and plan for them, and create a sound foundation for the product based on cost, timeline, and technology. We deliver your product blueprint, complete with the app's architecture.


This is where the coding happens. Our team plans and delivers in sprints, where user stories are in place and your squad – a small cross-functional team – rallies around the sprint goals to deliver them on time and within budget. Each sprint results in an increment which is a potentially shippable product.

User Acceptance Testing

UAT is where the product is stabilized. The objective is to clear out all remaining bugs and ensure that the product is working properly on all the right devices. The relevant stakeholders are involved in the final approval of the product.


We use a checklist that we created specifically for the delivery of apps and tick all the boxes to make sure everything required for the app release is done. This includes submission of the app to the relevant app stores, overseen by a Release Manager.

Squad-Based Engineering

Our squad-based agile development approach reduces project risks and works to control time-to-market and budget. Squads are small teams that work on your project from beginning to end and include product managers, designers, architects, developers and technical delivery specialists. Why do we use squads?

Seamless Knowledge Transfer

Shared Sprint Planning

Predictable Velocity

Effective Code Review

Flexibility To Adapt To Change

Reduces Your Risk

Learn how our process can help your app development project succeed.