Smart TV App Development

We work with some of the world's largest media brands to bring compelling user experiences to Connected TV platforms.

Apps For Smart TV

Clearbridge Mobile provides Connected TV development services including Tizen app development for Samsung TVs, Smart TV app development for a variety of manufacturers like LG and Sony, and apps for other platforms like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and more. Some of the world's largest media and entertainment brands trust us to design, develop, deliver and maintain their TV apps.


Our Approach

Our Smart TV app development services combine a custom agile process and a wealth of expertise to deliver best-in-class experiences to your users.

Specialized Developers

Your project will have experienced, dedicated developers who specialize in developing apps for Smart TV and work on your app from beginning to end.

In-House Development

With the exception of working on-site at your office, all aspects of your project – design, development, testing – are done in-house at our Toronto office.

Custom Agile Process

We use a unique agile process for all Smart TV app development projects. Our approach reduces risk, gives you control, and quickens time-to-market.

Full-Service Development

Our Smart TV app development services go beyond coding and encompass product strategy, design, testing, and technical delivery on top of the development of the app itself.

Technical Delivery

We handle the app submission process for your Smart TV apps, regardless of platform. This includes assets gathering, listing and description, and technical delivery requirements.

Maintenance & Support

Flexible maintenance and support options that can be customized to meet your needs allow you to stay on top of OS updates and release new features as your product matures.

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Whether you need Tizen app development to reach users on Samsung TVs, Amazon Fire TV solutions, Chromecast apps or more, Clearbridge Mobile can help you bring compelling connected TV experiences to your users. Our collaborative approach helps you retain control over project scope and direction and reduces common development risks so your product can be delivered on time and within budget. Start a conversation today to see how we can help your business innovate in the Connected TV ecosystem.