The Biggest App Development Trends at CES 2017

  The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the ultimate gathering for innovation where numerous companies come from around the world to show off new products and discuss the latest technology trends. These companies are setting new standards and driving user expectations even higher than they already are.       This year, there were a […]

How to Maximize The Lifetime Value of Your Mobile App Users

  User Lifetime Value (LTV) is the measure of a user’s value over a period of time. LTV is one of the most important mobile app metrics to track because it will help you reevaluate your acquisition strategy and estimate marketing costs based on the profitability of your app.     There are several factors that […]

Mobile App Analytics You Should be Tracking to Boost Performance

  Developing and releasing a mobile app is just the first step in the long journey to delivering a top performing mobile app. Many users anticipate the release of a new app but are often left disappointed as expectations are unmet. The app market is saturated with products that fail to meet user expectations due […]

Is a Soft Launch The Right Strategy For Your Mobile App?

  You’ve built an app that you assume will be successful in the app market but how do you validate this before releasing to your primary market? You need to ensure that you’re entering the app market with a battle-tested product that will yield high user acquisition rates and just as important – high retention […]

The Essential Guide to Mobile App User Acquisition

  Many companies often underestimate the time, effort, and resources needed for app awareness and acquisition before and after launching a mobile app. After a user has onboarded, you have a lot of data to work with such as retention, engagement, daily sessions, and lifetime value to gauge success. But how do you start gaining […]

Mobile Ad Monetization: How to Generate Sustainable In-App Revenue

  You’ve built an app that has a lot of potential in the app market and now you need to consider your monetization strategy. If your app doesn’t offer enough value beyond similar free options, or if you can’t prove that value upfront, many users will search for a free alternative in the App Store. For this […]

Mind the Product 2016 Recap: Driving Product Management Forward

  Understanding the role of a Product Manager is more important than ever with the increasing pressure on businesses to not just deliver products, but to please their users with innovative products. Mind the Product Conference (MTPC) has matured from a small meet-up called Product Tank into a worldwide conference for passionate product managers. Last […]

4 Essential Tools to Boost Team Collaboration

  Miscommunication is common among both small and large teams, especially when there’s a lack of cohesive work environment. If a business can’t effectively communicate internally among employees, they won’t be able to communicate with their external stakeholders, in turn, failing to meet their business goals.   A recent Harvard Business Review study revealed that […]

Rethinking Process: Squad-Based Agile Development

  In agile mobile app development, building a product should be a collaborative and transparent process. Our process is inspired by common agile philosophies such as Lean and Kanban, which help us deliver compelling mobile experiences for our users. Our custom squad-based development process at Clearbridge Mobile consists of 5 key components: product definition, project […]

The High-Tech Era: Adapting For Survival

Adapting For Survival Consumers are expecting constant innovation in the high-tech era we live in today and if companies can’t keep up, the consequences aren’t as forgiving. Brands aren’t as resilient today as they once were and many are being forced from a highly competitive market because they lack the qualities it takes to survive. […]