7 Key Predictions for the Future Of Voice Assistants and AI

When voice technology began to emerge in 2011 with the introduction of Siri, no one could have predicted that this novelty would become a driver for tech innovation. Now, a decade later, it’s estimated that every 1 in 4 U.S. adults own a smart speaker (i.e., Google Home, Amazon Echo) and eMarketer forecasts that nearly […]

How FinTech is Transforming The Insurance Industry

How FinTech is Transforming The Insurance Industry

  There are emerging mobile players in the insurance industry, and despite the industry’s complicated, firmly rooted environment, there is more opportunity than ever to introduce customer value with mobile solutions. Driven by the surfacing of FinTech and InsurTech startups, the insurance industry is amidst a systematic change in business operations, not unlike the transformation […]

Connected TV & Platform Fragmentation: Choosing a Platform for Your OTT App

  Unlike the traditional mobile app development world where Apple iOS and Google Android dominate over 99 percent of the global mobile OS market share, the world of OTT app development is much more fragmented.  When it comes to OTT apps, audiences aren’t loyal to one or two platforms or devices for everything; they use […]

50 Stats for Mobile App Growth and Success in 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a significant change in consumer behavior worldwide has forced organizations across all verticals to re-evaluate their business models. As we all have begun to adapt to our new reality, it has become evident how important digital transformation has become. While this global lockdown brought a lot of uncertainty to […]

Mobile App Analytics: 5 Best Practices

In a previous article, we highlighted 12 mobile KPIs you need to be tracking to see more ROI. But, how do you go about gathering data for those KPIs? And once you’ve gathered that information, what do you do with it? This article will take a deeper dive into the world of mobile app analytics, […]

Track These 12 Mobile KPIs and See More ROI

  A mobile app can be a lot of things to a lot of enterprises: a source of revenue, a communication tool, a way to raise brand awareness or a way to connect with customers amongst many others. However, many business leaders fail to recognize that a mobile app is not a “set it and […]

5 Mobile App Trends For 2021

While COVID-19 has forced businesses across many sectors to reduce or suspend operations, the pandemic has been a driver for the mobile tech industry. With numerous companies now in the throes of accelerated digital transformations, trying to adapt to the latest mobile tech to not only remain viable but meet customers’ increasing digital demands, 2021 […]

How to Evaluate an App + FREE Mobile App Assessment Download

Mobile App Assessment

Most of the world’s largest enterprises have an app in one or both of today’s major app stores, yet; many fail to see the ROI they had expected to come from implementing an application into their mobile strategy. Sadly, 75% of apps are only used once after being downloaded, then never used again. But why […]

3 Common Mobile Personalization Mistakes You Need To Avoid

3 Common Mobile Personalization Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Consumers have been creating their own omnichannel experiences, going online, and using mobile apps on their journey to making purchases for an extended period. Our current circumstances have only accelerated this phenomenon even more. As consumers continue to engage with brands through digital touchpoints more than ever before, they increasingly expect these digital experiences to […]

CANet Partners with Clearbridge Mobile to Launch COVID-19 Healthcare Web App

Earlier this year, we helped The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) launch VIRTUES, an online web-based application developed to reduce emergency department visits and improve COVID-19 patient-driven care. Enabling patients and frontline healthcare professionals to better monitor, triage, and manage treatments while limiting face-to-face interaction, VIRTUES has proven to be vital in managing the […]