How We Tackle Quality Assurance at Clearbridge

  In the mobile application market, there are millions of apps for users to download on their devices. Last June, Apple announced that its App Store hit a shocking 130 billion downloads. Mobile apps are used in millions of users’ daily lives, but what makes forerunning apps dominate the app market? The difference in quality […]

An Introduction to Server Testing

What is Server Testing? Server testing verifies that the services you need to develop your apps are working as intended. A testing suite includes a number of test cases that demonstrate not only what is working correctly, but what works when it shouldn’t, for example logging in without a password or requesting another user’s secure […]

Building a Continuous Integration System

What is a Continuous Integration System? For those that don’t know, a CIS compiles a project, checks for errors, and distributes the app to the quality assurance and product teams for testing.  If a problem occurs, the developer who made the last commit is contacted.   This way everyone who wants to look at the […]

How to Get Your App Approved in the App Store

  Last week, we wrote a step-by-step guide to App Store submission. Since then, we’ve had a number of questions about timelines and submission rejections. So we decided to do a follow-up post outlining: The timeline for App Store approval How to avoid your app submission being rejected      by  PhotoAtelier The Approval Process & […]

Better QA: Server and App Promotion Process

  When you are providing a live service to active users, it is dangerous to update production without a safe process.  Having a well laid out and process that is closely followed will help ensure your users are not disturbed by any updates you make.   Here is the process we use for websites and […]

Better QA: Linear vs. Integrated QA

Effects of the Linear QA Process Everybody’s been there. You’re working on an important project with a stringent deadline. You’ve hit a few snags along the way, but it looks like you’ll deliver on time. Just one week left to devote to finding and fixing bugs.   But then things start going badly. All mistakes, […]

Better QA: Using Automated Testing For Mobile

What is Automated Testing? As teams seek to deliver better products and increase internal efficiencies, automated testing is often an option that is tabled. As the name suggests, automated testing is the process of using a program to test websites, applications, and even other programs.   Automated testing is useful to QA teams because it […]

Better QA: The Benefits of Using A Build Machine

What is a Build Machine? Every build that quality assurance tests should be built from the same computer.  When your product is ultimately ready for distribution, the build machine is the machine that will be used to build the release version of the app. In this post, I will be referring to a build machine […]

Better QA: Why Issue Report Quality is Important

  Regardless of project planning and preparation, bugs find their way into the code. This is an inevitability, and it’s why QA exists in the first place.   Fixing these bugs can be a very difficult process for a number of reasons, including the volume of the issues, their complexity, and more. But the pain […]