Cambridge Global Payments Announces Launch of New Mobile App
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Last week, Cambridge Global Payments announced the launch of its Cambridge Link app, available for both iOS and Android. Developed in partnership with Clearbridge Mobile, the app allows customers to handle all of their FX trading and payments needs, on-the-go directly from their mobile devices.



Cambridge Link is designed for existing Cambridge clients, which include businesses that need to make FX trades or payments and finance executives who are often away from their computers and need access to the platform on mobile. The app allows users to:


  • Make spot trades
  • Place market orders
  • Review balances
  • Access real-time market trends and news

Simplifying the User Experience on Mobile

Cambridge Global Payments aimed to build a mobile solution that was separate from their existing web solution and would offer a simplified experience for mobile users. The solution needed to have an intuitive user experience that would allow users to make spot trades, place market orders, review Link Balances and stay up-to-date on market trends while on-the-go.



Cambridge Link for iOS and Android was the solution built in partnership with Clearbridge Mobile that provides users with a streamlined process to securely trade anytime, from anywhere – without the need to call or fax information to conduct Spot Trades and Market Orders.


We recognize technology plays a vital role in providing unified services to clients in the simplest way possible. We identify a niche “offline” market within our business that was important to us, but needed to somehow provide these clients an “online” experience that wasn’t readily available in today’s market. Cambridge Global Payments was determined to deliver a leading edge app, in the industry, by providing our clients a mobile platform that meets both foreign-exchange trading and international-payment essentials.


Our partnership with Clearbridge Mobile was driven by their creativity and developing vision. The partnership addressed our needs thoroughly, shaping the foundation of Cambridge Link Mobile and its future.


We enjoy and will continue our partnership with Clearbridge as their agile development methodology provided us a transparent way to develop our vision into reality throughout the entire process, as well as provide dynamic communication that added great value in reaching our goals on time.”

Eric Chan, Technical Implementation Specialist at Cambridge Global Payments 




About Cambridge Global Payments

Cambridge Global Payments is a leading provider of integrated cross-border payment services and risk management solutions. As a trusted partner for close to 25 years, Cambridge delivers innovative solutions designed to mitigate foreign exchange exposure and address unique business needs. Our award-winning capabilities and industry-leading technologies simplify the way businesses connect with the global marketplace. As one of the largest bank-independent providers globally, we are flexible and responsive, with offices across North America, Europe, and Australia. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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