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Wearable Technology App Development

By 2018, the wearable technology market is expected to reach upwards of $12.6 billion. And it’s not just smartwatches and fitness trackers that will drive this growth. The latest wearable technology developments show potential applications for healthcare, virtual reality, IoT – the possibilities are endless.

Experiment. Iterate. Innovate

At Clearbridge Mobile, we are at the forefront of wearables technology apps and innovation, from smartwatch applications to experimental and emerging technologies. If you have a vision, we’re excited to partner with you to make it a reality.


We are driven by an insatiable hunger to push the limits in the mobile space. Wearable technologies present a wealth of opportunity, allowing us to flex our creative muscles and chart new territory. Our wearable app development expertise includes native apps for the Galaxy Gear and Android Wear for clients such as Wall Street Journal, as well as a variety of experimental projects with IoT.

Our focus is on and building powerful, transformative wearable technology apps that completely redefine how users interact with their wearable devices. We are passionate about breaking paradigms and creating completely novel applications and experiences. The goals are set high, and we have the skills and drive to match it. Got an idea? we would love to partner with you to make it happen. You dream it, we build it.

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