Why Apps Fail: 6 Prominent Reasons & How To Avoid Them

Typically, a person will decide to download an app in only a few seconds. At the same time, the massive volume of apps available intensifies competition for user attention. As of May 2022, a combined total of 5.5 million apps are available between the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store alone. So, in today’s […]

Why You Should Add Voice Search to Your App

Did you know that voice search accounts for 50% of all online searches, and 30% of searches without a screen? The use of voice search is so common that it’s becoming second nature to many, especially since it has been integrated into devices they use every day. Now, the ability to search the internet has […]

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website: A UX Comparison – Which Is The Better Option?

Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website: A UX Comparison - Which Is The Better Option?

As of May 2022, over 60% of world wide web traffic comes from mobile devices. This represents a jump from 2016 to 2021, when the traffic share remained steady at roughly 50% for both desktop and mobile users. However, with many organizations currently accelerating digital initiatives, moving to digital models of business exclusively, the rollout […]

Developing Apps For Foldable Devices

When the original flip phones hit the market in the early 2000s, their popular design quickly became something of a status symbol. However, the rise of smartphone functionality changed all that. Now, with the advent of foldable screen technology, the popular design of the flip phone is back! This time with all the functionality users […]

6 Steps for a Successful Mobile App Launch 

The end goal of mobile app development is to launch or re-launch a mobile product that not only drives downloads but also maintains high user engagement and retention rates. Unfortunately, attracting attention from potential users and standing out in the app market has become increasingly difficult. This is largely due to a saturated market that […]

Sports Betting App Development: A Basic Guide

Placing bets on the outcome of sporting events has been a popular past-time around the world for thousands of years. Even the Romans placed bets on chariot races! Today, that tradition has carried on into one of the fastest growing segments of the global gambling industry. In fact, the global sports betting market was valued […]

3 MVP App Examples That Are Now Massive Successes

Mobile app development and product quality have become so consequential in recent years that companies can’t rely on network effects alone to secure market leadership. To meet organizational objectives and unlock new value with mobile, product development needs to follow an iterative cycle. Iterative development allows organizations to continually test assumptions against user feedback and […]

What is Enterprise App Development?

Today, we live in an age of connections. People make digital connections with others and the brands they love around the world every day. But what do all these connections have to do with modern enterprises? As it turns out, a whole lot. The fact is, every enterprise can benefit from tapping into this enormous […]

Tips for Scaling Mobile Apps Beyond An MVP

Scaling mobile apps beyond MVP

The point of building a minimum viable product (MVP) app is to eventually build it up into a full-scale solution. But this is not an easy, or quick task. In order to successfully achieve this goal, you’ll need a complete plan, knowledge of the market, and an understanding of how scaling mobile apps works.  To […]

VR Application Development: A Guide for Enterprises

Whether or not you consider yourself a “gamer,” you may have some experience with virtual reality, or VR. The gaming industry has taken this technology and run with it, developing it to the point users can be completely submerged in a virtual environment. It has become so well known in gaming that the first examples […]