How 5G Apps are Changing Mobile Application Development

5G has arrived, and it’s spreading to every major market. In fact, 5G technology has been around for a while, but it has only recently that tech companies have started adopting it at full scale. As 5G devices have hit the market, the term has become something of a buzzword. And rightfully so; according to […]

Trends in Virtual & Augmented Reality Banking & Fintech

Increasingly, competition, advancements in technology, and continuous customer demands are forcing the banking and fintech industries to adapt. One way they are coping with this is with a move towards virtual and augmented reality banking (VR and AR). In fact, according to a report by Technavio, the AR and VR market share is expected to […]

The Impact of VR in Business Enterprise

When most people hear the phrase “virtual reality,” or VR, their minds go straight to video games. And with good reasons! This technology has become incredibly popular in the world of gaming. But the tech has grown well beyond the confines of gaming. In fact, many high-profile technology companies, like Meta, Google, and HTC, are […]

What Is SVOD: A Guide To Subscription Video On Demand

Transactional Video on Demand, Premium Video on Demand, Subscription Video on Demand, and new AVOD/SVOD hybrid platforms are engaged in a street fight these days for online audiences. This is the second article in our series exploring the different digital entertainment delivery platforms. We are exploring the entertainment on demand world we live in today, one […]

What is AVOD? A Guide to Advertising Video on Demand

What is Advertising Video on Demand

What is AVOD?  Advertising supported Video on Demand (AVOD as it’s commonly known in the media industry) is having a disruptive impact.  It’s a relatively simple model.  Audiences can access videos without paying money to the content owner, or to the platform owner in exchange for subjecting themselves to the advertisement(s) that run in front […]

Is Online Sports Betting the “Juice”​ FuboTV Needs?

FuboTV Blog Article

FuboTV is betting big on legal online sports wagering.  They’ve announced two major acquisitions in the last six months, taking daring steps into a new direction beyond the digital MVPD (Multichannel Video Distributor) model.  Launching a new fantasy sports betting service and their own Sportsbook; FuboTV is creating new digital products which will be revenue […]

WWDC 2020: What’s Next for Mobile App Development?

  Apple’s WWDC 2020 came to a close last week. Although this year’s event was a little different (digital-only), several new updates announced during this year’s keynote will undoubtedly shake up mobile app development.    Here’s what you need to know: iOS 14 As has become customary at these events, Apple unveiled its latest mobile […]