How Design Thinking Leads to a Better Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Until now, it was somewhat forgivable for businesses to underestimate the importance of flawless user experience (UX) in mobile app development. Today, there is no exception. Customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction don’t stand a chance against poor user experience.   People are incredibly selective about mobile applications. If an app is going to gain prime real […]

A Day in the Life of a UX Designer at Clearbridge Mobile

People interact with designed user experiences every day. User experience, or UX, refers to how someone interacts with a product – digital or physical. In mobile app development, the success of an app rests partly on how a user perceives the final product. Expectations for mobile interactions are growing, and in response, UX design has […]

10 Best Practices to Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience

Mobile app development starts and ends with the user. The difference between a successful mobile app and one that fails in the market is a quality user experience (UX). Without a thorough understanding of your target users’ in-app behavior patterns or psychological underpinnings, you won’t be able to build a mobile product to satisfy a […]

Three App UX Enhancements That Come from AR and VR Technology

  The end goal of mobile app development is to create a product that not only provides a solution to a problem but is effective and enjoyable to use. Chances are if your app provides an enjoyable user experience (UX) you’ll witness higher engagement and retention rates, which is important to your app growth strategy. […]

The Sins and Redemptions of Randomness in User Experience

  When the typical software developer makes use of a random number generator in their code, there is no sense in worrying about questions pertaining to the true randomness of the result. The difference between a random number generator and a pseudorandom number generator is usually only significant for certain academic computer scientists. Nevertheless, there […]

Mobile App Design Fundamentals: 10 Tips for an Effective Content Strategy

  This updated post was originally written by UX/UI Designer Chloe Blanchard.   The most successful mobile apps have substance behind them. If a company’s mobile app attracts and engages users, they have the potential to build a lasting relationship. To turn first-time visitors into loyal long-term users, an app must have something that users […]

Mobile Ad Monetization: How to Generate Sustainable In-App Revenue

  You’ve built an app that has a lot of potential in the app market and now you need to consider your monetization strategy. If your app doesn’t offer enough value beyond similar free options, or if you can’t prove that value upfront, many users will search for a free alternative in the App Store. For this […]

Essential Principles For User-Centered Mobile Design

  Effective mobile app design covers many areas: aesthetically it should be consistent with your brand; structurally it should follow best design practices depending on the platform and devices being designed for; and from a UX standpoint, it needs to provide your users with a seamless, intuitive experience.   At Clearbridge, the end user is […]

Designing With Ugly Content: Effective Content Management

  Every member of the team serves the content king during some point in the development process. Large scale projects can involve writers from different teams – from marketing to legal – and multiple incoming data channels that require technical strategies to manage.   Part of a user experience designer’s job is to understand the […]

Adobe XD vs. Sketch App: Whoever Wins, We Win

      The lack of direct competition for any program is a shortcut to market penetration. To have this advantage for more than seven years, that’s the real deal; it’s called branding. That was the case with Adobe Photoshop many years ago and it is now for Sketch app.   Website and mobile app […]