Contextual Design: The Key to User-Centered Apps

  A user-centric interface should make the user feel as if you’ve read their mind. A smart and delightful interactive experience is as close to magic as technologically possible. This is accomplished by designing an experience that meets a user’s needs with little input required.     An effective strategy to create such an experience […]

How To Design For Mobile Apps [6 Tips + Infographic]

  In an ideal world, design principles and conventions would remain consistent across all devices and platforms. In reality, there are many differences. Just as programming languages and operating systems differ from desktop to mobile, so do design best practices.   The graphic below offers tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing mobile […]

The Top 12 UX/UI Design Tools: Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger

  The amazing and intimidating thing is that there are a myriad of challenges in UI & UX Design, and exponentially more potential solutions. The best kinds of solutions are ones that can be seamlessly integrated into the current tools of choice, and those that can be accessed at any point from the process. So […]

The Importance of Visual Quality Assurance (VQA)

  Designers seek perfection. Attention to detail is our job. And a successful mobile app is a bug-free, pixel-perfect manifestation of our vision. As it turns out – no matter how detailed our style guides may be – this is unlikely to happen right out of the gate, especially if the project is following the […]