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The Clearbridge Agile Process Is The Difference

Our custom agile process combines the best of various agile development philosophies (lean, kanban, etc.). It allows us to deliver great mobile experiences with low risk and predictable project velocity.

Low Risk, High Predictability

We develop products using a squad-based approach. Each squad plans together, shares knowledge, works within a flexible and adaptable model, and has predictable velocity.

One of the main differences between Clearbridge and other mobile application development companies is that we treat clients as partners. The entire process is fully transparent and collaborative. You can expect to be involved and active in every step of the project life cycle.


Benefits Of The Clearbridge Agile Process

  • Squad-based approach reduces risk
  • Rolling-wave planning for flexible, strategic product evolution
  • Extensive product definition for long-term product success
  • End-of-Sprint product demos


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