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[eBook] How To Build An App For Your Brand: From Concept To Delivery


An app isn’t just a distribution medium. It’s a communications channel and if you use it right, apps can help you learn from, adapt to, and engage with your customers.


Customers are demanding convenience. They want instant access to information, ability to explore options, regardless of where or when. And importantly, they expect their experiences with companies to be relevant to them. If your brand overlooks mobile, you’re not putting yourself where your customers are. As a consequence, you’re missing out on major opportunities to connect, engage, influence, transact, and support your current and potential customers.


This ebook provides an end-to-end account of how to build a successful mobile app business, encompassing the business plan, development approach, and delivery methods.




What’s Included:

  1. Transforming an idea into an actionable business strategy, covering areas from product definition, monetization, marketing, and budgeting.
  2. How to approach design and development planning and execution, including choosing platforms, user experience and prototyping, development approaches, and testing frameworks.
  3. How to build a delivery and maintenance strategy to ensure long-term success beyond the initial product launch.


Britt Armour
Britt Armour

Digital Marketing Specialist