Introducing Metrological’s Lightning™ Framework
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Why the Lightning™ Framework will drive future content experiences

While the way we interact with, create and consume media has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past two decades, it’s the streaming and OTT domain where we have witnessed this phenomenon on a truly exponential scale.

One of the most critical components for the success of any content provider is the ability to reach as wide an audience as possible. And although the process for achieving this through web, mobile and even smart TV apps is fairly clear-cut, establishing a foothold in the significantly larger set-top box ecosystem has proven much more difficult.

Enter the cross-platform Lightning Framework.

The Lightning Framework

Lightning is an open-source, cross-platform, lightweight SDK and development framework for creating high-quality UX and TV apps. It makes every aspect of rolling out set-top TV apps easier – from designing and developing, to onboarding and maintaining across all devices. What’s more, it provides a native-like UX, enabling the creation of high-performance browser-based TV apps on NextGen set-top boxes, such as OTT platforms, smart TVs and streaming devices, as well as for older, memory constrained devices. Put simply, a single Lightning app can be deployed on essentially all platforms, leading to reductions in overall costs and time to market.

Beyond simplifying the development process, Lightning empowers operators with complete freedom to design their own apps through its ability to incorporate a variety of design patterns and components. Yet it also provides them with connections to a vast array of content from the Metrological App Library, including premium OTT services, as well as niche and localized TV apps. The Metrological Application Platform is in use by several Tier 1 cable and telco companies around the world, reaching more than 80 million households.

The Lightning Partner Program

We believe Lightning’s strong value proposition positions it as a major driver for the future of consumer-facing media, sports and entertainment apps. This is why Amdocs (through Clearbridge Mobile) is proud to be among the initial partners to join the Lightning Partner Program, which aims to accelerate the development and deployment of high-performance Lightning-based TV apps and UXs.

What does this mean for Amdocs/Clearbridge Mobile and our customers?

According to Amdocs Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, Anthony Goonetilleke, the invitation is a recognition of “our expertise in helping content and service providers deliver ground-breaking digital and video offerings.” Furthermore, he predicts the partnership will provide exciting possibilities for “re-imaging the future of content, and bringing our global expertise to empower superior customer experiences.”

Clearbridge Mobile (an Amdocs company) has made its mark in this ever-shifting tide of industry trends by bringing skills, insights and expertise. And by integrating the latest technologies and techniques, we have remained on the cutting edge. With over 10 years of experience working with leading media brands such as NESN, YES, Bell Media, we’ve built one of the industry’s most persistent and successful mobile app and OTT video presences.

As a launch partner, we have vast expertise and understanding of the Lightning framework, including the skills to establish a smooth development process and an excellent user experience. What’s more, with several developers specializing in the framework, we’ve already begun to lay the groundwork for our planned Lightning Center of Excellence, with certified developers in the USA, Canada and India.

Our expertise tells us Lightning is the future of TV apps, while our command and understanding of the framework positions us at the forefront of this push. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lightning framework, how Clearbridge Mobile developers utilize it or the role it can play in the development of your own custom apps, reach out to us or visit our website.