McMaster University

JoyPop | Design & Discovery, Development

JoyPop is a mobile platform designed to improve mental health research and treatment. The 5-day Design & Discovery Session resulted in a prioritized feature set, product roadmap with supporting assets including wireframes and user journeys, and preliminary app design.


McMaster University is a public research university located in Ontario, Canada. The JoyPop platform is a project spearheaded by its Department of Health Sciences.

  • Create a mobile platform with the goal of improving mental health research and treatment
  • Conduct product discovery and design to set the foundation for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Develop first iteration of JoyPop product for initial user base to help secure additional project funding
  • Create ideal user experience for two distinct user types: youth affected by mental health issues, and mental health researchers
  • Clearbridge Mobile Design and Discovery phase helped McMaster understand product goals, prioritize product features, and produce a clickable app prototype
  • Initial app visualization, user journeys, wireframes, and product roadmap
  • Development of JoyPop Minimum Viable Product to be released to select user base with plans to expand to a broader audience

“ I’m pleased with the level to which they delivered what we wanted: a simple, intuitive, and engaging product…When I give presentations at conferences and workshops, the international community (and especially the students) want to talk about the app.”

Dr. Christine Wekerle,
McMaster University