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Mobile Payments – Googles Opening Salvo – Apple Waiting to Jump in




Mobile Payments – Googles Opening Salvo – Apple waiting to jump in


Tim Hortons has shown that NFC mobile payment on BlackBerry is a game changer. Customers embrace it and ultimately – it improves the bottom line.


Jump starting NFC mobile payments Google opened up Host Card Emulation on Android 4.4 KitKat to jump ahead of Apple.


This allows for your mobile device to manage everything from mobile payments, to loyalty and transit cards.


What is Apple going to do?


Will they be left behind, or will they follow suit?  We believe Apple can no longer sit on the sidelines. They must come to market with a similar offering with iOS 8 and iPhone 6 that supports NFC.


While Apple likes to lead the market with new technology like BLE(iBeacon) it also embraces market trends making them their own.


3 Reasons we believe Apple will follow suit:


1. Market pressures

Apple’s business is to sell hardware. If app developers think that Android will provide features and functionality that Apple cannot, they may start to build for Android before Apple – and that will erode Apple’s lead.


2. NFC is everywhere including China.

NFC is already available for payment worldwide in everything from cabs to 5-star restaurants. China has embraced NFC payment with 900 million users. Apple will follow.


3. iWallet

Apple will put their spin on NFC and we could see their implementation of iWallet coming soon. Tying the pieces together, Apple has filed patents that connect NFC to security on the phone and for data transfer.

Look to see a whole host of NFC enabled loyalty and gift card offerings coming to Android early 2014 and Apple to follow with announcements during WWDC 2014.


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Sanjay Malhotra
Sanjay Malhotra

Co-Founder & CTO