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The Ultimate Guide to New Streaming and Media App Engagement Strategies

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This guide explores some of the latest technologies and engagement strategies for OTT service providers to deliver richer user experiences and more engaging content, to help incrementally increase user engagement and revenue.

This guide covers key topics, including:

This guide covers key topics, including:

Why is conducting a mobile app assessment important?

To drive real business value, enterprises need to continuously analyze their app’s business impact and technical performance to rethink how they connect with consumers and evolve their app to meet shifting user needs. Assessing your app against our mobile app evaluation criteria will help you identify those areas of opportunity where you can make small incremental improvements. This will ensure you are continuing to meet your users’ expectations, meet business goals, and set your digital experience apart from your competition.

How does it work?

To get the most significant value out of our mobile app assessment tool, we recommend you either know or have access to your app’s performance metrics. These can include: the number of downloads, active users, app session length, and server/API performance. Having access to this information will help you answer questions through the assessment.

What is this guide about?

There are a million and one options to choose from when it comes to streaming entertainment and live sporting events. With accessible, reliable digital content already a baseline expectation for most viewers, the challenge for OTT services now, is to find ways of adding value and excitement through unique digital experiences. 

The Ultimate Guide To New Streaming & Media App Engagement Strategies shares creative fan engagement tools that are helping OTT services improve the quality of their experience, reduce subscriber churn, and grow incremental revenue.

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