OTT Devices Drive Online Ad Growth
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In our previous post, 6 Reasons OTT Content Will Dominate The Connected TV Market, we looked at the evolution and growth of the OTT market primarily in terms of content. It looks like the advertising opportunities are also going to be a driving force as consumer uptake of over-the-top grows.

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According to Freewheel’s Q2 2015 Video Monetization Report, overall online ad viewing grew 32% year-over-year, and OTT devices led the charge showing 194% growth – a 10% share.


With ad growth thrown into the mix, it’s apparent that every facet of the OTT market is expanding: advertising opportunities; popularity of OTT devices like Apple TV and Roku; and the amount of OTT content and services geared to break into the market.


OTT & The Future of Connected TV from Clearbridge Mobile


Considering all of the combined factors, it’s safe to assume that OTT will be a force to be reckoned with as the connected TV space continues to grow. And, if the introduction of the new Apple TV heats up competition among manufacturers of OTT devices (we predict it will), we’re bound to see some exciting developments through 2015-2016.

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