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Dynacare | Dynacare Plus

The Dynacare Plus app is a mobile solution that empowers Canadians to better manage their health by setting health goals, tracking lab results, and managing personal health records.

Client Challenge

Dynacare is one of Canada’s largest health solutions companies, serving over 10 million Canadians across the country. They approached Clearbridge Mobile to help them redesign and relaunch the Dynacare Plus mobile app, an existing patient-facing application that allowed users to access their lab results and health data. Dynacare was facing a number of challenges with the application that was in-market:

Need to revamp and optimize the mobile experience

Operational impact to call centre due to customers being locked out of accounts/forgotten passwords

No app analytics

Other challenges that needed to be addressed when relaunching the Dynacare Plus app included:

Ensure the experience continued to adhere to Dynacare's strong security standards (protect patient health records and data)

Adhering to clinical testing regulations

Creating scalable native backend infrastructure

Adding elements that would make the user experience more interactive and engaging

Our Approach To Solving Dynacare's Challenges

1. Focus on the user experience

The existing Dynacare Plus solution was a mature product, and required a revamp to its user experience to modernize its look and feel, navigation and app flows, and user onboarding experience. We worked closely with Dynacare in our intensive Design and Discovery phase to identify improvement areas and recommend mobile best practices in order to provide patients with an easy-to-use experience with an updated UI, simplified navigation, user onboarding and intuitive user flows.


2. Address operational impact

One issue flagged during our engagement with Dynacare was the customer support impact when users forgot passwords or were otherwise locked out of their Dyncare Plus accounts, which required customers to contact the call centre. We created features to offer users a self-serve option directly from the app, eliminating the need for them to call into Dynacare support when locked out of their accounts.


3. Leverage app analytics to drive product decisions

Despite a fairly large existing user base, the in-market solution didn’t have analytics. We implemented an analytics system that allows Dynacare to track how users are interacting with the app in order to gain insights into problem and success areas and make data-backed product decisions for future iterations.


4. Security-minded design and development

The Dynacare Plus relaunch needed to continue to provide the strong security offered by the original app, adhering to regulations concerning patient data and its presentation. Rigorous penetration testing was conducted to identify any vulnerabilities to ensure the security of data and user privacy.


5. Create a more interactive and engaging user experience

Dynacare Plus operates on a subscription-based model, with users renewing on a yearly basis. One of Dynacare’s goals was to create a more interactive and engaging user experience to encourage regular usage and subscription renewals. To accomplish this goal, we implemented features like Apple Health and Google Fit integration, push notifications, and health and wellness content on top of lab results and personal health records.


Dynacare and Clearbridge Mobile partnered to launch a new mobile Dynacare Plus experience for iOS and Android. We delivered on the basis of a very strong user experience, with a secure cloud-based infrastructure and scalable architecture to enable easier addition of functionality in future releases.

Product Discovery

UX/UI Design

iOS & Android Development


The Dynacare Plus app provides patients with an intuitive, easy-to-use experience with user onboarding, simplified navigation, updated UI, and new user flows for accessing and managing lab results and personal health records. The app also helps achieve outlined business objectives, including: setting a base for the easy addition of functionality as the product evolves; a self-serve platform for users to add convenience and reduce operational impact to the call centre; the implementation of technical best practices and APIs; allowing the Dynacare team to leverage app analytics to present a personalized user experience; and establishing a strong mobile foundation for Dynacare to build their Dynacare Plus business line.

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