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Ontario Tire Stewardship

The Rethink Tires app is a mobile platform that streamlines responsible tire recycling.


Ontario Tire Stewardship is a non-profit organization that oversees the responsible recycling of used tires. The organization helps residents recycle tires and supports the creation of products made from recycled tires, leading to a more sustainable future.

  • Increase volume of recycled tires
  • Create easy and engaging way to get people involved in recycling
  • Make it easy for users to find used tire drop-off locations
  • Promote value of recycling tires
  • Improve consumer awareness of products made from recycled tires
  • Streamlined tire recycling platform
  • Find closest tire recycling center by location
  • Take a picture, tag location, submit
  • Send directions to collectors for pick-up
  • E-commerce/gallery of recycled tire products
  • Improve discoverability and awareness of products made from recycled tires
  • Ease of tire drop-offs and tire recycling
  • Raise awareness of tire recycling program

“ From a technical and customer service perspective, it was a very painless process working with them. They understood what our needs were and gathered our requirements. We do a lot of customer development, and working with them has been very smooth ”

Zach Dryman, Vice-President of Technology & Infrastructure
Ontario Tire Stewardship