We used the power of behavioural change science and personalized exercise recommendations to educate, encourage and enable Canadians to get active.


The ParticipACTION App reached 70,000+ downloads in just two months, exceeding client goals by almost 3x

Client Challenge

ParticipACTION is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to help Canadians sit less and move more. They approached Clearbridge Mobile to help create a mobile app that would achieve this objective through research and innovative user engagement initiatives. The main goals of the mobile product were:

Establish an easy-to-use mobile app presence

Educate, engage and become a trusted source of information on physical activity

Capture, analyze and leverage data to support behavioural change with respect to physical activity

Tackling Challenges With Design Thinking & Data Science

1. Establish an easy to use mobile app presence

ParticipACTION’s end user demographic was quite broad, with the app meant to cater to Canadians of all types over the age of 18 who weren’t meeting the optimal level of physical activity. Through our custom design and discovery process, we leveraged user and market research, user empathy, and ideation to develop a user experience that could meet the needs of users across different walks of life and demographics while offering a compelling and easy to use mobile product.


2. Educate, engage and become a trusted source of information on physical activity

ParticipACTION’s goal wasn’t simply to build another fitness app. Its mission was to help drive behavioural change in Canadians to encourage them to be more active. This meant the mobile experience had to help educate users about health and physical activity, as well as create an engaging experience that would help users establish goals and habits that they could easily add into their busy lives. With personalized educational content and features that encouraged engagement – like the “Take 10” feature and the ability to earn rewards based on physical activity the mobile experience was designed to offer both an instructive and “sticky” experience that would encourage regular use of the app.


3. Capture, analyze, and leverage data to support behavioural change with respect to physical activity

The ParticipACTION app used behavioural change science as its basis for promoting more active lifestyles to its users. Leveraging data science to serve personalized content to users, the app helps to tailor the experience in a way that is most relevant to the individual user. And with the ability to record physical activity that goes beyond what is traditionally thought of as exercise – including items like housework – the app offers options for people from all walks of life to find ways to add physical activity into their day.


ParticipACTION partnered with Clearbridge Mobile and GALE to create a mobile platform emphasizing the benefits of physical activity and aimed at empowering Canadians to sit less and move more. Research-based and rooted in behavior change science, the ParticipACTION app is reshaping what it means to live an active life, pushing for a cultural shift in how Canadians incorporate physical activity into their everyday routine.

Product Discovery

UX/UI Design

iOS & Android Development


The ParticipACTION App had over 70,000 downloads within two months of its launch – almost tripling the client's user acquisition goal. With a nationwide release in Canada, the app reached top 10 in the App Store health and fitness category, and received media coverage on outlets including Global News and Strategy Magazine.

“Physical activity has been largely engineered out of our day-to-day life. Time constraints, connectivity, and other barriers mean that it’s more challenging than ever before to move enough to stay healthy. The ParticipACTION app is a way for us to support Canadians to be a little more active each day, by accessing them where we know they are – on their mobile devices.”

Elio Antunes, President & CEO, ParticipACTION

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