Shell + PayPal + Raizen

A touchless payments system for a joint venture between Shell, PayPal, and Raizen - Brazil's largest gas retailer.


A joint venture between Shell, PayPal, and Raizen – a Brazilian gas retailer with over 5000 locations.

  • Fraud risk to both customers and gas stations
  • Prepay model slowing time to purchase
  • Small average transaction
  • Pay for gas via a touchless payment system
  • Make in-store purchases via barcode scanning
  • Make purchases quickly and automatically via PayPal integration
  • Full-stack solution (apps and middleware), leveraging GPS/BLE/WiFi triangulation and Optical Character Recognition
  • Reduce revenue loss from gas theft
  • Support millions of transactions
  • Eliminate friction points in path to purchase
  • Increase average transaction size
  • First-of-its-kind touchless payments system

Touchless Payments

The first-of-its-kind touchless payments solution allows users to pay without ever taking out their wallet or phone

Big Data

The solution is designed to support millions of transactions via Heroku/Node.js/MySQL custom-built APIs


The app uses a combination of GPS/WiFi/BLE and OCR to pinpoint location and facilitate payments

PayPal Integration

The solution offers secure mobile payments, made possible through integration with user PayPal accounts

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