The Wall Street Journal

A first mover in wearables on the Galaxy Gear, flagship apps for Samsung products, and flagship BlackBerry 10 application.


The Wall Street Journal, an English-language international newspaper based in New York City.

  • Expand WSJ/MarketWatch product line
  • Build for beta devices (Galaxy Gear) that were not yet available to the public
  • Build a solution that synced with existing WSJ products
  • Build solutions for new Samsung devices including Galaxy S5 and upcoming tablets
  • Build native solution for BlackBerry 10
  • Front end and data management applications
  • Real-time data and push notifications
  • Ability to open phone content on smartwatch
  • Delivered flagship products for Galaxy Gear,
    Galaxy S5 and tablets, and BlackBerry 10
  • First mover in the wearable space
  • Cost-benefit (solution syncs with current products)
  • Solution delivered in less than a month
  • Rapid prototyping,
    faster time-to-market
  • Efficiencies gained from long-term partnership