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Mobile App RFP

Here’s Why Product Discovery Should Come Before Your Mobile App RFP


Before you choose a mobile app development partner, you need to be prepared to communicate thoroughly defined product requirements. The best way to share the details of your project with potential vendors is to draft a mobile app Request For Proposal (RFP). Drawing out an in-depth RFP will help you and your team evaluate vendor responses and choose the best partner for your mobile app project.


One of the most critical steps in writing a mobile app RFP is asking the right questions before you start, and it’s recommended to work with potential vendors to discuss the budget, scope and technical expectations of your project. A smart course of action is to participate in a product discovery session to get a solid grasp of the project ahead.


To get started, download a copy of our Mobile App RFP template to wrap your head around the outcomes you’ll need from a discovery session.


Product Design and Discovery Session

Making a Case for a Mobile App RFP

To write the best possible RFP, you need to know what you’re building, what you can accomplish within your proposed timeline and the full extent of services your budget covers. Writing an RFP without accurate information can create problems down the line.


All too often, companies pursue app development without a clear-cut concept or plan for their product; they write an RFP that lacks detail and fails to acknowledge the entire scope of the project. The result is poorly defined service requirements and poor results.

Avoid miscommunication with a PRD. Read How to Build a Mobile App Requirements Document to learn more.


For example, ambiguous requirements can result in low bids from vendors who promise to deliver on budget, but as the project takes shape, additional work arises that wasn’t originally covered in the RFP. On the other hand, vendors who receive vague RFPs return high bids to cover the risk or decide not to bid at all.


When you’re writing your RFP, it’s essential to communicate what you need accurately, so your development partner can correctly interpret your goals and expectations.


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What You’ll Get From Product Discovery

The product discovery phase of a project helps you and your stakeholders establish goals for your mobile app and understand the business outcomes you aim to achieve. At Clearbridge Mobile, we tackle four key areas of product discovery: product strategy, product definition, visualization, and presentation. We offer a concentrated five-day discovery process, which provides all the information required to write an accurate and transparent mobile app RFP.


Participating in product discovery gives you a chance to talk to development experts and ask questions to clarify your RFP. During this process, you can discuss the full breadth of services you require.

How to Use Product Discovery to Write a Mobile App RFP

Your RFP will require as much detail as possible about the project so that potential vendors can offer the best solution. You will want to include information about the functionality, as well as potential use cases of the product. Participating in a product discovery session will help you capture user journeys and user experience deliverables to clarify your ideas, ultimately leaving you with a better understanding of how your target audience will interact with your mobile app.


A product discovery session will also help you understand the scope of your project fully. During our five-day discovery, we work with you to identify and prioritize product features. This way, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of what you’re building, which in turn, will give you a better idea of the costs you’re facing.

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Your budget range is another major component of your RFP. The app development price tag can vary significantly from project to project and talking to experts before writing your RFP will help you determine where your idea falls on the scope and complexity scale. Being transparent about your budget upfront will help you qualify vendor bids and eliminate incompatible partners.


By the end of product discovery, Clearbridge Mobile will package all your product artifacts for delivery, which include vital product feature documents, user journeys, wireframes, mockups, and a clickable app prototype. All of these artifacts are incredibly helpful when it comes to writing a well-articulated mobile RFP.


A mobile app RFP is necessary for defining your app project and selecting the right vendor to get the job done. Don’t leave your mobile app requirements open to interpretation; talk to us today to learn more about product discovery and how it can help you write an amazing RFP.


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