Product Planning & Mobile Strategy

We work with you to create and deliver your mobile strategy, identify your market opportunity, and build a product blueprint that lays the foundation for a successful mobile app.

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Product Planning & Strategy

Product planning and strategy produces a product blueprint, complete with your app's architecture; plans to overcome design challenges, technical challenges and risk areas; and a foundation for your product based on cost, timeline, and technology. We dive deep to identify market opportunities, create a long-term mobile strategy, and develop a product roadmap.


Our Approach

During product planning and strategy, we have a product manager, designer, and architect working with key stakeholders on your team to create your product's blueprint.

Problem Definition

Our team works with stakeholders to identify the problems or pain points your product will address. We conduct a needs analysis to answer the simple yet important question: why are we building the product?

Goals & Success Metrics

We work with you to identify your key business metrics that will determine the success of the product. Success criteria could include app downloads, usage, increased revenue, etc., and must be specific and measurable.

Design & Technical Challenges

It is critical to ask questions and identify the assumptions you are making regarding the product during mobile strategy and planning. This allows us to identify potential challenges and address risk areas.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of your direct and secondary competitors to assess market opportunities, identify what is already available to your potential user base, and determine what your products needs in order to add value and achieve market success.

Feature Decisions

From competitive landscape analysis, we can create opportunity statements that outline how to address user pain points better than other products on the market. We make decisions on what features to build based on these opportunities.

Product Roadmapping

Once the features are decided, we begin building out the product roadmap. We prioritize features from most to least important, providing a framework for iterative development that ensures critical features are built out in the earliest version of the product.

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Our product planning and strategy services are designed to deliver sound mobile strategies, establish product parameters, and define the scope and requirements of your project based on the needs and objectives of your company. Using a proven approach, we work with you to create the foundation needed for a successful mobile app. Get in touch today to learn how Clearbridge Mobile can help you with your app planning and mobile strategy.