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Strategy, Discovery & Prototyping: How FoCus Has Helped Our Clients


We’ve written in length about the importance of product discovery and definition and the benefits of mobile app prototyping. We do these phases with all of our clients as part of our end-to-end development process, but we also offer a service called Focus that specifically involves mobile app strategy, product definition, and interactive app prototyping.


Focus is an intensive deep dive session that helps clients frame the problems they face, generate and capture ideas to address them, and ultimately solve these problems from a feature and solutions standpoint. In this article, we are going to present 3 case studies of clients that chose the Focus service, and how it helped them create their mobile strategy, define their product, and rapidly prototype their mobile solution.


Case 1: Achieving Buy-In For Redesign of App

The Client: A broadcast media organization with an existing app that needed updating

Client Challenges

  • The existing product had limitations that were impeding the client from achieving key goals
  • The project team needed to achieve executive buy-in for the redesign and redevelopment of the current app, and demonstrate the value added to users
  • Demonstrate product alignment with business goals and objectives
  • Create a workable, interactive prototype for internal presentation to get the green light

How Focus Helped

The client was aware they had an underlying problem, but weren’t sure what features to address to resolve it. Focus helped them pinpoint these issues, and how to resolve them from a feature perspective. Specifically, Focus produced:


  • Key performance metrics and business goals
  • Ideal users
  • How many users on the current app? What were they doing, what were they not doing? Why?
  • How key metrics and goals could be improved and achieved through product features
  • Sketches and iterations of solutions
  • Best solutions to address goals and objectives
  • Feature prioritization
  • A prototype and mockups for selling the redesign and redevelopment internally


Focus helped our client in 3 important aspects:

  1. Pinpoint existing issues and envision a set of features that addressed these issues, key metrics, and their business goals
  2. Produce an interactive visualization of the potential product, complete with a prototype and mockups
  3. Create demonstrable value of the new application to pitch to internal executives and stakeholders

Case 2: Prioritizing To Meet Project Deadlines

The Client: Rapid-growth startup with a nightlife guide application

Client Challenge

Our client knew the features they wanted to include and knew their target market. However, with tight deadlines, they couldn’t narrow down prioritization of the features in order to meet deadlines.

How Focus Helped

Focus helped our client address the prioritization issue in order to meet their target launch date with the most impactful product. In particular, we enabled the client to:


  • Identify their key success metrics and goals
  • Examine existing features and determine if/how they would help achieve these goals
  • Prioritize features based on potential impact and relevance to business results
  • Build a product roadmap with short and longer term goals


At the end of the Focus engagement, the client had three key deliverables:


  • Ranked features according to urgency and impact
  • A prioritized product roadmap
  • An actionable plan to deliver features that addressed key business goals, within their deadline


Case 3: Targeting Users On-The-Go

The Client: Bluetooth wireless headphone creator launching flagship iOS app

Client Challenges

The primary challenge was finding a way to offer their users (performance athletes) an optimal experience controlling the headphones from the iOS app while on-the-go. To do this they needed to identify user needs, motivations, goals and potential use cases in order to create optimal experiences for proposed features.

How Focus Helped

The engagement focused primarily on understanding our client’s ideal users and crafting an intuitive user experience that matched their needs, specifically:


  • The creation of user personas, including user needs and motivations
  • User journey maps: what does the user need to do to achieve goals in the easiest way possible?
  • User flows for easy, accessible features with minimal user interaction



The main benefit from the Focus engagement was the creation and visualization of an “audio transparency” feature: a single screen feature that allowed users on the go to easily change the volume, manage the noise canceling level, and also track workout/activity statistics from a centralized, intuitive interface. Other results included:


  • Design mockups catered to users who are active and on the go
  • Optimized, streamlined experience based on the needs and motivations of the users
  • Simple, intuitive experience with minimal friction points


To learn more about how Focus can help with your mobile strategy, product definition, and app prototyping needs, check out our Focus service page or contact us today.

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