How Retailers can Leverage Mobile Apps During The Holidays

  The world’s top retailers are beginning to realize the critical role mobile plays in the omnichannel shopping experience. Brick-and-mortar locations no longer represent the majority of holiday traffic. Retail mobile apps and the role they play in marketing, sales, and operations are a vital and dynamic part of this shift.   Statistics from the […]

7 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

  This past year shaped up to be a phenomenal year for the app economy, and 2017 is set to be another progressive year. There’s been a continuous growth in the number of companies that are adopting the mobile-first mindset, and realizing that mobile is no longer an optional investment, rather a necessity. Mobile is […]

Location-Based Technology for Mobile Apps: Beacons vs. GPS vs. WiFi

  While mobile technology has allowed us to break down geography and stay connected from anywhere, location is proving to be more important than ever.   For many categories of mobile apps, personalization, context, and location are the trifecta of exceptional user experience. A personalized and contextually relevant experience is more compelling to users, and […]

The Physical Web: Bringing IoT to The Masses

  Last month, support for the Physical Web expanded to Google Chrome for Android devices. With over 800 million Android users now able to experience it (and existing support on iOS 8.0+), the Physical Web is an important step in bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to a large base of consumers who hold the technology to access […]

Why Retailers Need to Pay Attention to Mobile Personalization

  Whether online, mobile, or in-store, customers expect a great experience. This is true for almost any industry, but in retail, where a well-rounded omnichannel path to purchase is becoming increasingly pervasive, experience is king.   The key to boosting the customer experience? Personalization.   On a high level, this means tailoring the service or […]

How Mobile Apps Are Driving OmniChannel Retailing

How Are Consumers Using Mobile to Shop? Brick and Mortar retailing still continues to dominate retail sales, however, the path to purchase is now greatly affected by mobile commerce. Shoppers no longer expect an omnichannel experience, they create one themselves. Consumers are now using mobile as a catalyst to drive them into stores where they […]

How Beacons Can Boost Your Retail Sales

  With practices like showrooming negatively impacting physical sales, retailers have been thinking beyond brick-and-mortar to offer more powerful, multi-channel experiences to engage customers and drive business. Mobile has been a large part of the strategy as m-commerce solutions have proven to be both viable and profitable. Now, retailers can add another weapon to their […]