Will Apple Watch Popularize Wearable Technologies?

  Slated for an April 2015 release, the highly anticipated Apple Watch is Apple’s answer to the flurry of Android Wear watches released in the past six months. Apple has released WatchKit, an extension of the iOS 8.2 SDK which allows developers to begin Apple Watch development.     Despite the fact that only 720,000 […]

Android Apps: Which Store Should I Publish To?

  iOS developers have a simple decision to make when it comes to where to release a product. There are a limited amount of devices that are restricted to iOS software.   When developing for Android, developers have a vast assortment of options when it comes to deploying software and most would think this is […]

Will Apple’s Metal Framework Fully Replace OpenGL for iOS Development?

  When it comes to graphic-intensive game development there is one component of a device that developers wish they had direct communication to the hardware. Developers want full control by telling the GPU exactly what they want and how they want it by ways of bypassing large chunks of CPU-intensive code. OpenGL has forever (or […]

Technical Issues With Android’s App Store Fragmentation

  Android developers have a lot of opportunities when it comes to releasing their product across multiple devices. Developing cross-platform tools is a key element in any development process to ensure that software can be ported. Why is this important? Android becomes a nightmare when discussed in context with store fragmentation. Items such as Google […]

The Health and Fitness Industry Needs to Take Advantage of Wearable Technology

  Just when we thought that wearable technologies such as Google Glass, smart watches, and various health devices were about to become just another trend, it looks like Android Wear and iWatch (yet to be announced but heavily rumored) are about to change everything. Google I/O 2014 showed the release of an Android Wear SDK to the […]

Educational Mobile Apps Can Make a Difference

  Televisions, smartphones, computer screens, tablets and other devices are in the faces of our youth on a day-to-day basis. It is a sad truth that gone are the days of going outside for entertainment and using imagination to create experiences. What needs to be envisioned here is the engaging possibilities that technology brings to […]

Tizen: Samsung’s Counterpart to Android

  Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of Android powered smartphone devices, appears to be veering away from Google’s operating system by pushing forward with their own open-source OS Tizen. Fragmentation has been a constant issue with Android and Tizen hopes to solve this issue by incorporating and connecting multiple device ecosystems. What is […]

The Time is Now with Android 4.5

  In Q3 of 2013, 80% of smartphones shipped were built on Android. This leaves a meager one out of five for Apple.   Unfortunately for Android, most of these devices were considered “junk phones”. Devices that are larger in size cost more to manufacture because of their uneconomical components. Apple continues to have a stranglehold on […]