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Have an app that hasn’t performed as expected? Need to expand to new markets and platforms? Our services are designed to help enterprises modernize, rebuild, and expand existing mobile apps.

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Modernize: Design & Discovery

Our Design and Discovery service is perfect for businesses that need to modernize their mobile strategy to help achieve goals and drive growth. You may have invested in a mobile product that is facing a decline in growth, or has failed to deliver expected results. This is the opportunity to build more strategically with a product that accurately addresses business objectives and has a thorough product strategy set up to drive long term value.



  • Market failure of existing product or decline in product growth
  • Misalignment of business goals and product development
  • Lacking a clear mobile strategy or unclear on opportunities for growth
  • Don’t understand why the product failed
  • Mismatch between user needs and product features
  • Lack of or insufficient app analytics
  • Failure to retain users
  • Poor user reviews/app store ratings

Clearbridge Solution

  • Revamp your mobile product strategy and align it with business goals
  • Collaborate with external team of experts experienced in translating business goals into a mobile product strategy
  • Clear vision of how the product can progress over time and foundation to  support long term growth, including app analytics strategy
  • Identify market opportunity based on competitive research
  • Create user personas based on user research, not assumptions
  • Validate your ideas before moving into development
  • Prioritized roadmap to get to market faster with the most impactful features

Agile Mobile App Development

Your mobile product is well-established but growth is starting to plateau. You have exhausted ways of improving your existing product and the market is becoming more saturated where users have numerous alternatives to switch to. Our agile mobile app development services help businesses that are seeking to expand on new platforms to enhance and differentiate the user experience, or develop new products that can help tap into additional target markets.



  • Lack of expertise to expand product to new platforms
  • Difficulty acquiring new users and retaining current customers
  • Losing users to competitor products
  • How do we increase market share in an increasingly competitive market?
  • Identifying and capitalizing on new markets
  • Enhancing and improving the user experience

Clearbridge Solution

  • Specialized platform expertise (Android, iOS, tvOS, connected TV)
  • Help expand product into additional markets for broader exposure and user base
  • Enhanced user experience and more user options 
  • Agile sprint-based model for rapid development and ability to test, learn, iterate, and improve
  • Prioritize features to enable highest impact and value (Now, Next, Later model)
  • Gather real user data to understand product impact and drive future product decisions

On- & Off-site Team Extensions

You have an existing mobile product, and you need to increase development velocity to drive growth and meet market demand. There is a need to fill in knowledge gaps for existing teams to keep up with user and business demands to solve issues at hand efficiently and prevent users from switching to industry competitors. Our team extension services connect you with the expertise you need to remain competitive, fill gaps in technical knowledge, improve your velocity, and ship faster.



  • Limited development capacity
  • Time to market
  • Lack of specific expertise internally
  • Acquiring, cultivating, and retaining expertise
  • Finding the right people to meet development demands

Clearbridge Solution

  • Flexible arrangements to augment your team with expertise needed to meet demands
  • Improve time to market
  • Industry experts that have been vetted by Clearbridge and are part of our team
  • PODs that integrate with your team, tools, and processes
  • Various on- and off-site consulting models customized to your company’s specific needs
  • Quick solution to bring in expertise that understands the issues being faced and has experience in solving them

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