Beacon Technology: What It Is & How It Works

Low cost, easy to use and install, and incredibly effective, beacon technology has become a popular way to engage with customers – especially in retail and marketing. Picture this: you step into a store to look at their shoe display, and suddenly you get a notification on your smartphone. You check it and discover a […]

A Different Approach to Mobile App Retention No One Told You About

  Any company with a mobile app aspires for “sticky,” but pulling it off isn’t easy – or, at least, that’s what you’ve been told. Yes, the numbers are often discouraging. Studies on the matter show that roughly 79 percent of users abandon a product after day one, and by three months that number can […]

How to Perform A/B Testing on Your App Store Listing

  A mobile app user decides whether or not to download an app in only a few seconds. These critical few seconds don’t afford marketers much leeway to tell an app’s story, let alone convey its unique value proposition.   We often write about why you need to plan marketing initiatives before mobile app development, […]

How To Use Mobile App ASO And SEO For Your App Promotion

  With the proliferation of the internet and numerous powerful online promotion techniques, creating and distributing an excellent app is now an option to many. However, this also makes the digital landscape fiercer for mobile app publishers. Today, when promoting your app, you’re competing with 3.8 million Android apps and over 2 million iOS apps. […]

How to Gain More Exposure for Your Mobile App With Keyword Optimization

  As a developer, you have to do tons of work to release your mobile app. But if it gets no more than a hundred downloads after a while, that’s definitely not the ROI you aimed for. There are many ways to gain more exposure for your app.   You can approach participants of local […]