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Minimum Viable Product Template

A step-by-step guide and template to plan your minimum viable product

This minimum viable product (MVP) template will explain the steps involved in determining what a viable version one of your mobile product entails. Each step is explained in detail, with an editable template that will allow you to create your own plan for your MVP. Download the template below.

Understand The Business Needs

A walkthrough outlining how to identify and document the business needs from the product, including long-term goals.

Find The Opportunities

Identify the opportunities and determine how you can most effectively add value and solve customer pain points: Map user journeys, create a pain and gain map, and summarize pains and gains into opportunity statements

Decide What Features To Build

Provide a breakdown of the features to include in the product roadmap. Create feature statements and use a prioritization matrix to prioritize features.

About The Author

Kofi Senaya – Director of Product

I’m Kofi, a creative and committed IT Geek in love with all things digital and with a passion for finding simple answers to challenging situations. I am constantly thinking of the status quo (typically with a piece of carrot cake in hand) and proposing innovative, outside-of-the-box solutions. How do you get the best out of me? Put me together with a group of people, throw a difficult challenge at us (the more people that shy away from this challenge the better), and watch me push myself and others to deliver.