The Step-By-Step Guide to Mobile App Design and Discovery

A thorough product discovery session is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of mobile app development. Too frequently, businesses emphasize usability at the expense of usefulness. While the former is crucial, it is pointless without considering the latter. Clearbridge Mobile’s Design and Discovery session helps ensure the mobile products we launch are not only usable […]

Developing Apps For Foldable Devices

When the original flip phones hit the market in the early 2000s, their popular design quickly became something of a status symbol. However, the rise of smartphone functionality changed all that. Now, with the advent of foldable screen technology, the popular design of the flip phone is back! This time with all the functionality users […]

Sports Betting App Development: A Basic Guide

Placing bets on the outcome of sporting events has been a popular past-time around the world for thousands of years. Even the Romans placed bets on chariot races! Today, that tradition has carried on into one of the fastest growing segments of the global gambling industry. In fact, the global sports betting market was valued […]

Tips for Scaling Mobile Apps Beyond An MVP

Scaling mobile apps beyond MVP

The point of building a minimum viable product (MVP) app is to eventually build it up into a full-scale solution. But this is not an easy, or quick task. In order to successfully achieve this goal, you’ll need a complete plan, knowledge of the market, and an understanding of how scaling mobile apps works.  To […]

VR Application Development: A Guide for Enterprises

Whether or not you consider yourself a “gamer,” you may have some experience with virtual reality, or VR. The gaming industry has taken this technology and run with it, developing it to the point users can be completely submerged in a virtual environment. It has become so well known in gaming that the first examples […]

When is it Time to Find a New Mobile App Development Partner: A Guide for Enterprises

There are, on occasion, situations that force you to reconsider your mobile app development partner. Maybe your previous partner was unable to continue working on the partner due to internal forces. Maybe you’ve discovered you prefer the approach a different company uses and you like to change things. Or, just maybe, half-way through development it […]

6 Common Product Strategy Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Mobile app development projects fail to achieve market success for many reasons. Poor UX design, lack of originality, inability to deliver value, among other reasons, are the most prominent. However, more commonly, product failure is attributed to a flawed mobile app planning phase.  Quality mobile apps begin with pinpointing a very particular user need the […]