Download: The 2020 Enterprise Mobility Trends Report
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Now more than ever, organizations need to appraise the potential impact of emerging enterprise mobility trends. Organizations understand that mobility initiatives are more than roadmap items or nice-to-haves, and yet many organizations fail to factor necessary signals and patterns into strategic growth plans. The result? Many organizations are unable to make mobile transformations at scale. What will it take to build a winning operating model for mobile strategy in 2020? 


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Given all the technological disruption, there is a new sense of urgency moving into 2020. As mobility continues to reshape entire industries to a notable effect, many companies are pushing for large-scale transformation to capture the benefits of enhanced mobility. Enterprises are no longer just in competition with each other, but increasingly with mobile-first companies that are disrupting industries and capturing market share. New competitors are coming from everywhere at a frenetic pace. These fast-moving, agile startups have less red tape, mobile-first products and services, and a mobile workforce available at the tap of a button; and they’re coming for your customers. 

The 2020 Enterprise Mobility Trends Report

The 2020 Enterprise Mobility Trends Report provides an analysis of the current state of enterprise mobility, trends, and direction, and the key challenges organizations face moving forward. It is meant to guide decision-makers and members of teams responsible for an organizational mobile strategy, covering key topics that include:


  • The acceleration of competition from mobile-first disruptors that challenge the status quo
  • Shifts in employee and customer behavior toward mobile work, engagement and consumption 
  • An analysis of the ROI for early innovators in the enterprise mobility space
  • Key challenges to enterprise mobility initiatives such as resourcing, technical capabilities, legacy systems integration, and security 
  • Recommendations for creating a mobile strategy that aligns with organizational goals and supports a broader mobile vision


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The Modern Workforce is Mobile

  • Mobile workers will account for nearly 75 percent of the total U.S. workforce by 2020.
  • The mobile workforce is projected to reach 18.7 billion people comprising 42 percent of the global workforce by 2020.
  • The global enterprise mobility market will be worth as much as $1225.78 billion in the next six years.


By equipping the workforce with mobile technology, companies are putting decision-making and proactivity in the ends of the employee. For the digitally transformed enterprise, this change will become so influential it will be a source of competitive advantage. It has become more consequential for enterprises to think critically about the ways in which mobility will affect their business in the near and longer-term, and the skills necessary to identify and act on rapid market changes. Companies that fully embrace mobility and prioritize employee-business apps will create an indisputable edge in the market.

Bold Innovators create a bigger economic advantage

Overall, top-performers in the enterprise space are developing much more innovative products and services than their peers. While most companies’ mobile transformation activities involve modifying existing products and processes, winning companies focus on developing entirely new digital offerings and services. Companies that excel in enterprise mobility initiatives do so by taking advantage of emerging digital ecosystems early, concentrating product development efforts on brand-new digital offerings and restructuring existing processes to be mobile.

Percentage of enterprises’ digital offerings, by area of focus


Clearbridge Mobile 2020 Enterprise Mobility Trends Report

Percentage of enterprises’ digital capital allocated, by objective


Clearbridge Mobile 2020 Enterprise Mobility Trends Report


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