PayPal’s first tablet app and entrance into emerging markets.

Client Challenge

PayPal is an international digital wallet based global payments company serving consumers and merchants in more than 200 markets around the world. The company approached Clearbridge Mobile, to design and build a tablet application for the Amazon Fire tablet. With the creation of this application PayPal was looking to overcome several challenges that included:

  • No mobile solution in emerging markets
  • Platform and app store fragmentation
  • Cost of deploying native apps for multiple devices too high

Our Solution

PayPal and Clearbridge partnered to deliver PayPal’s first-ever tablet application. By reusing the existing Android code base, we were able to push the app to multiple Android OS variants, including Amazon at reduced costs.  We delivered on the basis of a very strong user experience and designed and built the tablet application to ensure a proper visual layout. 

  • Single code base to deploy across multiple Android OS variants
  • Remove dependencies on Google Play services to work on Android variants
  • Payment, check-in, shop, wallet, transfers

The Results

By leveraging a single code base, we were able to deliver the PayPal app for the Amazon Fire tablet in two weeks and deploy variants quickly. This also enabled us to ensure the project was cost-efficient, easily maintainable, and scalable for continued growth across the varied platforms.  

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