PayPal's first tablet app and entrance into emerging markets.


PayPal, an international digital wallet based global payments company.

  • No mobile solution in emerging markets
  • Platform and app store fragmentation
  • Cost of deploying native apps for multiple devices too high
  • Single code base to deploy across Android, Blackberry, Amazon
  • Remove dependencies on Google Play services to work on Android variants
  • Payment, check-in, shop, wallet, transfers
  • Easily maintainable code base
  • Scalable for rapid growth across platforms
  • Cost-efficient (single code base)
  • Delivered for Amazon Fire Phone in 2 weeks

Single Code Base

Using a single code base that could push the app to multiple Android OS variants, Blackberry and Amazon reduced costs and time-to-market

Remove Dependencies on Google Play

Open street map libraries, alternative push libraries, and other alternate services allowed for functionality of OS variants that wouldn't support Google Play services

Rapid Time-To-Market

Clearbridge Mobile delivered the PayPal app for the Amazon Fire Phone in 2 weeks and leveraged the single codebase to deploy variants quickly