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Our process is designed to help enterprises build successful mobile apps that solve business challenges, drive growth, and improve customer experiences.

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1. Design & Discovery

Our custom design-thinking experience helps you define product goals and business outcomes, prioritize product features, and determine what to include in your Minimum Viable Product. Design and Discovery sets the framework for agile mobile app development, giving you key product features, user journeys, wireframes, mockups, and a clickable app prototype. It is based on addressing major challenges that enterprises have during the early stages of building out a mobile strategy.



  • How can mobile help us solve challenges and achieve business goals?
  • Translating business goals into a feasible mobile product strategy
  • Staying ahead of the competition
  • Understanding user needs without making assumptions
  • Lack of mobile expertise
  • Provide value quickly while reducing risk

Clearbridge Solution

  • Determine the purpose of  the product and how it aligns with business goals
  • Define desired business outcomes
  • Identify market opportunity based on competitive research
  • Create user personas rooted in extensive user research
  • Collaborate with a diverse team experienced in translating business goals into a mobile  product strategy
  • Prove concept with app visualization (user journeys, wireframes, mockups)
  • Create and prioritize a product roadmap to get to market quickly with the most impactful features

2. Agile Mobile App Development

We specialize in agile mobile app development, leveraging a wealth of experience delivering complex solutions for some of North America’s largest companies to help enterprises achieve business goals and improve customer relationships. Our custom agile development approach uses a sprint-based model to produce a workable product iteration every 2 weeks, and allows us to accelerate the development of your app. This approach helps you get to market quickly with impactful mobile solutions, while reducing your risks.



  • Time to market
  • Maximize business impact in the shortest amount of time
  • Reduce risk in initial launch
  • How do I track and prove my product solves specific business challenges?
  • How can I quickly course correct based on changing business needs?

Clearbridge Solution

  • Agile sprint-based approach for rapid development and improvement
  • Launch quickly with a Minimum Viable Product to reduce risk and leverage learnings
  • Prioritize features to enable highest impact and value (Now, Next, Later model)
  • Gather real user data to understand product impact and drive future product decisions

3. Continuous App Improvement

A successful mobile app is one that helps achieve business goals and drive business growth. To ensure your product growth is both sustainable and scalable, certain considerations and processes must be established in the initial stages to set you up for success. Growth frameworks are directly baked into our process to help make data-driven product decisions and improvements. With aspects like analytics implementation, key success metric definition, and various optimization strategies, our growth-focused methodologies are key to continually engage, retain, and grow your customer base.



  • Maximize profits through app growth
  • Measure how effectively your app is meeting business goals
  • Collect the right customer feedback to improve the user experience 
  • Determine what metrics and information is needed to continually improve the app, drive growth, and encourage long-term engagement

Clearbridge Solution

  • Analytics strategy and integration to help understand users and identify areas for improvement 
  • Develop tracking systems to measure and optimize user acquisition, onboarding, and engagement 
  • Gain insights into whether goals for the app are being met so adjustments can be made to your mobile strategy

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