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In-Store Beacons & Apps For Retail

Beacon technologies are the next major opportunity for retailers. Projected to influence over $44 billion in US retail sales by 2016, beacons offer the ability to improve marketing, engagement, customer intelligence, and drive more cross-channel sales.



Enhance The In-Store Experience

  • Mobile Couponing
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Push Messaging & Contextual Targeting
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Footfall & In-Store Activity
  • Customer Intelligence


Clearbridge creates compelling mobile experiences using the latest beacon technologies that invigorate the relationship between brands and their shoppers. Whether you need to better track foot traffic in your stores, offer promotions to nearby prospects and customers, trigger push notifications based on user behaviour or more, our work with beacons will help you communicate with customers, elevate your mobile marketing efforts, and drive sales.



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