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Beacon App Development

Beacon technologies offer a major opportunity for proximity marketing and mobile personalization in industries from retail to event management and beyond. Clearbridge Mobile provides beacon app development services that help you connect with customers, personalize the user experience, and drive cross-channel sales. Our experience ranges from developing in-store solutions to contactless payment systems and more.



Expertise With Beacon Technologies

  • iBeacons
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Proximity beacons
  • Push messaging and contextual targeting
  • In-store activity
  • Customer intelligence


Clearbridge creates compelling mobile experiences that allow clients to invigorate the relationship between their brand and their customers. Whether you need to better track foot traffic in your stores, offer promotions to nearby prospects and customers, trigger push notifications based on user behaviour or more, our beacon app development services are designed to help you communicate with customers, elevate your mobile marketing efforts, and drive sales.


Some of our past beacon app development work includes:

  • A hardware agnostic, real-time BLE/Beacon user tracking and mobile engagement solution that adds customer intelligence to your app and allows targeted loyalty campaigns to be pushed to users
  • A beacon-enabled payments app that allows users to wrap up their bar tabs directly from their phones
  • An in-store loyalty solution that sends personalized push notifications, administers loyalty points, and syncs customer intelligence and activity with the client Salesforce account



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