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Internet of Things (IOT) App Development

The Internet of Things is a concept that is fast becoming a reality. We can connect and engage with smart objects more readily and conveniently than ever before. From smart thermostats to connected cars, the connectivity of things and devices is permeating everyday life, presenting a wealth of opportunity for people, industries, and businesses to connect in new ways.

At Clearbridge, we are constantly pushing the limits, experimenting with IoT devices and delivering innovative Internet of Things applications. From smart objects to wearable computing, applications that connect cars to smartphones and smartwatches, touchless payments platforms and more, we are actively tackling new challenges and crafting innovative IoT solutions.


We’re already actively developing Internet of Things applications that redefine the interactions between people, their devices, and their surroundings. One of our more exciting IoT projects involved developing a touchless mobile payments system that leverages Optical Character Recognition and PayPal to allow for payments at gas stations – without the user having to leave their vehicle. The transaction is made via interconnection between the gas station cameras, the PayPal platform, and the driver’s mobile device.

We focus on building powerful Internet of Things applications that make ubiquitous connectivity possible and completely transform mobile experiences. And we’re always looking for partners who share the same vision. If you have ideas or simply want to explore the potentialities of IoT, give us a call – we would love to partner with you to make it a reality.

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