[Download] The Complete Guide to Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices

  There are officially 5 billion mobile users worldwide.    Now more than ever, innovation, agility, user experience, and predictable software delivery are all requisites for any business to survive in today’s economy. Digital experiences, and particularly mobile experiences, are entirely ingrained in our day-to-day activities, so much so that people are often unaware of […]

Beyond Code: a Holistic Approach to Agile App Development

  Successful mobile app development requires more than just coding and design knowledge. While extensive coding knowledge may make a product technically sound, successful app development is reliant on the value it offers its users. Mobile app development must follow a process that encompasses strategy, development, QA, delivery, and continuous maintenance to ensure a product’s […]

10 Characteristics of Successful Agile Software Development

  The companies that are the most successful embracing agile software development understand that agile is not something that companies do; instead, agile is something that companies become. It takes a long time to become agile, but the payoff is proven. Organizations across various sectors, from healthcare to banking, from the public sector to media, […]

The Benefits of Squad-Based Agile Development

Digital transformation has pushed numerous traditional enterprises to restructure their existing organizations to keep pace with new digital, forward-thinking businesses. The need for this restructuring is a result of traditional waterfall processes relying on separate teams, with little communication across departments to deliver on projects. This structure results in development that takes several months to […]

How to Determine Timeframe & Scope in Agile Development

For organizations that continue to operate under waterfall processes, working with a vendor that follows an agile framework on a mobile app development project can be difficult. Where waterfall focused businesses are accustomed to receiving numerous reports on project status, delivery dates, and timelines to support lengthy decision-making processes, agile businesses spend less time focusing […]

How Long Does it Take to Build a Mobile App Using Agile Scrum?

  If you’ve ever considered mobile app development, you’ve inevitably wondered exactly how long it will take to launch a product. Delivering a successful mobile experience is in no way a linear process and if you don’t understand the agile software development process, it’s easy to get lost. In reality, there are multiple steps required […]

The Importance of Flexibility in Agile Development

  In agile app development, the project management triangle is comprised of three project constraints time, scope, and cost. The best mobile app development companies understand that flexibility is often required in at least one of these boundaries. As needs and objectives evolve, knowing which is flexible lets product teams adapt seamlessly without affecting your […]