[Download] The Complete Guide to Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices
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There are officially 5 billion mobile users worldwide. 


Now more than ever, innovation, agility, user experience, and predictable software delivery are all requisites for any business to survive in today’s economy. Digital experiences, and particularly mobile experiences, are entirely ingrained in our day-to-day activities, so much so that people are often unaware of how small the gap is between their digital and real-world actions. Mobile services are officially an extension of subconscious human behavior. As a result, companies need to modernize existing approaches to customer experience and learn how to use technology as a means to facilitate and nurture what has now become mobile-driven customer relationships. 


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While many companies have already entered the mobile app market to accommodate changing consumer expectations, these same companies seem to release mobile products that are not designed to scale and evolve, or worse, release products with a “set it and forget it” mentality. These static and ill-equipped mobile solutions elicit market failure from poor user experience and miss opportunities for product growth. Without recurring maintenance, rework, updates, and additions, the gap between customer needs and product value grows too wide to achieve business objectives. With a market that’s so densely saturated, it’s easy for customers to switch to higher-quality alternatives. 


Today, companies need to follow an agile software development model that will allow them to respond to fluctuating market and business climates, customer demands, competitive strains, and regulatory conditions with useful and error-free mobile app products, continuously and efficiently.


The amount of content that exists regarding agile is staggering. The content is either overwhelmingly technical or barely scratches the surface. Often the content doesn’t take into account what businesses are looking to achieve by adopting the principles of agile software development. For this reason, Clearbridge Mobile has assembled The Complete Guide to Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practicesto help you understand agile methodologies in the context of mobile and how to use the agile framework to accomplish what matters most to you and your company: 


  • Opening or modernizing mobile lines of business
  • Maximizing business impact in the shortest amount of time
  • Reducing the risks of an initial product launch
  • Adapting to changing business requirements to maintain a competitive edge 
  • Identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities


This eBook is a collection of content covering key topics that include: 


  • Building an agile transformation strategy
  • Agile transformation challenges
  • Selecting and developing individuals for agile app development teams
  • The benefits of squad-based development
  • The characteristics of successful agile app development
  • The importance of flexibility in agile app development
  • How to determine a project’s timeframe and scope
  • An overview of development timelines
  • How to manage project risks 
  • How to scale agile methodologies 
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