Sports Betting App Development: A Basic Guide

Placing bets on the outcome of sporting events has been a popular past-time around the world for thousands of years. Even the Romans placed bets on chariot races! Today, that tradition has carried on into one of the fastest growing segments of the global gambling industry. In fact, the global sports betting market was valued […]

How to Write an Amazing Mobile App RFP, With a Free Template

Whether you’re starting your first mobile app development project, or you need to modernize an existing product, eventually you’ll need to fill out a mobile app RFP, or request for proposal.  Sometimes your company can’t take on the entire project internally, and when your business needs to purchase app development services chances are you’ll want […]

Here’s Why Design & Discovery Should Come Before Your Mobile App RFP

  Before selecting a mobile app development partner, it is critical for any business leader to thoroughly understand the key aspects that surround the vision of their proposed mobile project. These aspects can include business objectives, proposed timeline, and budget. Having a thorough understanding of these details will allow business leaders to submit an in-depth […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Mobile App RFP

  When you’re trying to choose the best mobile app development company to build your app, there are many things to consider and a Mobile App Request for Proposal (RFP) will help you find the right partner for your project. A well written RFP will not only help vendors understand exactly what you need, but […]

[Checklist] Is Your Mobile App RFP Ready to Submit to Potential Partners?

  Choosing the right development partner to work on your mobile app project requires careful planning and clear communication. Submitting a mobile app Request For Proposal (RFP) is a standard method for finding and selecting a vendor; however, if you fail to acknowledge the entire scope of the project in your RFP, you risk communicating […]

An Introductory Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

  Customer journey maps are common mobile app user experience (UX) tools. By definition, a customer journey map is a visualization of the process a person follows to accomplish a particular goal. In its most simple form, journey mapping involves collecting and arranging user actions into a timeline. From there, product teams elaborate on the […]