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How to Write an Amazing Mobile App RFP


Taking on a mobile app development project for the first time can be overwhelming. Development partners can range from a single freelance developer to a team of over 1,000 developers.


To choose the right mobile app vendor for your development needs, we recommend writing a thorough Mobile App RFP (Request for Proposal) to cover all the details of your project. At Clearbridge Mobile, we deal with hundreds of Mobile App RFPs a month – not only do we respond to RFPs, but we also help with the RFP writing process with an intensive design and discovery session. Our design and discovery phase helps set product goals, define business outcomes, prioritize product features, as well as capture the key deliverables necessary to write a Mobile App RFP. We’ve also created a customizable Mobile App RFP template that includes all the information an airtight proposal needs.


Below, you will find our Mobile RFP template.


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Part 1 – To Be Completed By Company

1.   Executive Summary

Provide a summary of your organization, the core business problem the mobile product will address, and the required solution.

2.   Company Information

Provide a high-level overview of the company:


  • Why does the company exist (what problem is it trying to solve)?
  • What products or services does it provide?
  • What industry and market(s) does it operate in?
  • Who is the internal project lead(s)?
  • Who are the key stakeholders/leadership?

3.   Project Description

Present as much detail as possible about the project to provide a thorough understanding of the required solution.


Describe in as much detail as possible the end-to-end solution to you’re looking to develop and describe the core functionality of the app.


  • What kind of functions is the app to perform?
  • What features are necessary to create the required functionality?  
  • Please include a prioritized list of features.
  • Please include user journeys, wireframes, and mockups for the solution.
  • Please include a clickable app prototype.

Use Cases

Take us through a use-case of the app. From start to finish, how would a user interact with the app?


Who are the project decision makers and key leaders? Specifically, who will be leading the project on a daily basis? What level of involvement do other stakeholders have in the project?


Is your Mobile App RFP missing essential information? Talk to one of our mobile experts about how a Design & Discovery Session can help you capture all of your RFP deliverables. Start a conversation.

4.   Project Scope Requirements


What services do you require? Are you looking for services throughout the entire project lifecycle or only specific stages of production?


  •      Consulting & Product Strategy
  •      Development
  •      Design & User Experience
  •      Quality Assurance & Testing
  •      Technical Delivery


What platforms will the solution need to be built on?


  •      iOS
  •      Android
  •      Web
  •      Connected TV (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Tizen, etc.)
  •      Other


Please distinguish which platform is your main priority. Several restraints (timeframe, resources, target audience, budget, etc.) can affect the number of platforms you’re able to develop on. The number of platforms you require has a direct impact on the cost of your project. If you develop for multiple platforms you are asking for multiple codebases; keep in mind, each platform mandates different developer backgrounds and skillsets, which carry cost implications.

Back End

Do you have existing systems such as web services or a CMS? If so, describe them. Do the existing systems have available APIs and documentation to access? Is there a need for the vendor to develop web services or APIs? Do you have a current internal database? If so, what type (Oracle, Salesforce, MongoDB, etc.)?

Push Notifications

Will you require push notifications for your solution? If so, how often do you intend to customize push notification content? With what frequency will you need to send push notifications?


Will you want analytics for your solution? If so, what kind of data do you need to collect (Omniture, Google Analytics for app downloads, usage, events data, etc.)?

5.   Budget

Mobile app development budgets vary significantly. The budget is affected by two primary factors:


  • Scope (size) of the project?
    • Number of platforms
    • Number of functions and features
    • Number of user flows
  • Quality & Experience of the mobile agency


Providing a budget for your project is essential for receiving accurate responses from vendors and setting exact expectations for your project. Including a budget in your RFP allows firms to understand exactly what services they’re able to offer to meet your business goals.


Need help planning your budget? Talk to one of our mobile experts about how Clearbridge can give you an accurate picture of what you’re paying for. Start a conversation.

6.    Project Timeline

  • What date is the project due to launch?
  • Is the launch date associated with an event?
  • Are there dependencies that influence the launch date?
  • When do you need development to start?
  • Do you have expectations about how long the project will take?

7.   Proposal Timeline

Please provide a due date for proposals to be submitted by, an ensuing timeline including evaluation of proposals, shortlisted presentations (if required) and selection of the winning bidder.

Part 2 – To Be Completed By Vendor

8.   Mobile Agency Overview

Company Overview

Please provide an overview of the company, the leadership, and the executive team.


  • How long has the company been in business? What is its mission?
  • How does the agency provide value above its competitors?
  • What is the size of the agency?
  • What are the sizes of the development, design, quality assurance, product, and project management teams?
  • Where are the employees located? Will any work be done overseas?

Service Offerings

What kind of services does your company offer? Please provide a description of each.


  • Consulting & Product Strategy
  • Development
  • Design & User Experience
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance

Development Lifecycle Philosophy

  • What development philosophy does the company follow?
  • Why has it elected to follow this philosophy?
  • What has the company done to refine or improve it?
  • Who owns the code?
  • What coding standards and best practices are followed?

Case Studies

Please provide a list of clients, awards, and summaries of client projects. Please summarize the challenge, solution, and end result of each project.

9.   Proposal

Solution Overview

Please provide a summary or description of the product being built.


  • Who will be involved in the project? Please provide the resources you would use to tackle the requirements listed above and weekly cost for the team involved.
  • What product management, project management, communication, and development tools will be used? Will the client have access to these tools?
  • What will the key features be? Please provide a short summary.
  • What platforms will the solution be developed for?

Project Scope

Please provide comments and concerns about the supplied project scope in relation to the proposed timeline, budget, and project risks.

Project Timeline

Please provide a detailed project timeline including estimated start dates, schedule of activities, deliverables and resources to be used.

Pricing Model

Please provide an estimated price based on the scope of the project. Please include a fee breakdown in relation to time, scope, and weekly team costs.

Maintenance / Support Plan

Please provide a summary of the types of service level support plans that are offered and breakdown of services and costs.


To write the best possible RFP, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of your end-to-end product strategy. It’s helpful to fully define your product before you begin writing a Mobile App RFP; ideally, you should have a list of prioritized features, a visual solution detailing the user experience and user interface, as well as a clickable prototype. Our Design & Discovery session gives you access to mobile subject matter experts to help you validate your ideas and understand best practices for mobile to set your RFP up for successful bidding.


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