5 Key Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

Building a mobile app has become a top priority for many companies. However, it’s often difficult to choose a development approach as the lines between the various options are becoming increasingly blurred. In our recent post, A Guide to Mobile  App Development: Web vs Native vs Hybrid, we broke down the three options and outlined […]

iOS vs Android: Which Platform Should You Build For?

  What do you do once you decide that developing an app is the right solution your brand needs to resolve a core business problem? Well, when you begin planning your technical requirements, you need to decide what platform you want to develop on, but how do you decide which platform is right for your […]

Android vs iOS User Behavior: How Does it Impact Mobile App Development?

  How well do you know your target users? What types of apps are they likely to download? What is their willingness to pay for apps and make in-app purchases? The answer to these questions will vary depending on which mobile OS your users prefer. Understanding how behaviors differ between Android and iOS users will […]