The Definitive Guide to Mobile App Development Costs [Infographic]
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Many companies face barriers to introducing a mobile app strategy into its current business structure: existing frameworks, legacy systems, development philosophies, and even undervaluing the importance of mobile app development overall. On top of these challenges, the costs involved in transitioning from current operations and building a successful mobile app also weigh heavy on the minds of management.


It’s easy to make mistakes, and when companies are looking at large-scale investments like app development, avoiding the missteps that can cause development costs to inflate is a must. So, the question is at the top of mind for many: how much does it cost to build a mobile app?


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Infographic

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App?

Is there a definitive answer? 


Trying to resolve the slippery cost matter raises plenty of other questions about what you’re paying for: what development aspects are you including in the overall cost? What development approach are you going to take: native, hybrid, or web? Are you thinking about marketing? Are you factoring on-going maintenance and support? Have you budgeted for contingency? What is your change management strategy?


There is only one true answer – mobile app development costs range on a case-to-case basis. This answer is frustrating, but using the infographic above as a reference point will help illustrate which components of development affect cost so you can make the most informed decisions about managing your development project.

This Infographic Provides:

  1. Price ranges for small, mid-sized and large apps based on product complexity  
  2. A money saving strategy
  3. Insight into the pricing models of development firms
  4. Hidden costs and other considerations


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Infographic