How Biometric Authentication is Shaping the Future of Security in Mobile Banking  

  Biometrics is a form of measuring physical characteristics to verify one’s identity with options including voice, fingerprints, face, retina, or iris of the eye, vein infrared thermogram, or a combination of these identifiers. It was once a form of cutting-edge technology only seen in science fiction movies; however, the security biometric authentication offers is […]

How Voice Technology is Disrupting the Retail, Financial, Healthcare and Travel Industries

  Voice technology in mobile app development is gaining mainstream acceptance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more efficient in identifying user intent, and heavy-hitters like Amazon, Google and Apple are fueling the voice search trend with their branded hardware. With the progression of AI, innovative decision makers are beginning to explore new opportunities to leverage […]

How Retailers can Leverage Mobile Apps During The Holidays

  The world’s top retailers are beginning to realize the critical role mobile plays in the omnichannel shopping experience. Brick-and-mortar locations no longer represent the majority of holiday traffic. Retail mobile apps and the role they play in marketing, sales, and operations are a vital and dynamic part of this shift.   Statistics from the […]

NFC: the Technology Behind Tap-and-Go Communication

Central to every contactless mobile action is a little microchip and radio antenna conducting the tap-and-go operation that is near field communication (NFC). NFC encryption technology is transforming the way users access information, make payments, and share data across devices.     What is NFC?   NFC is a system of contactless communication that enables […]

Product Ideation: Building Innovation Into Your Development Process

Even in agile environments that encourage collaboration, product definition can become a siloed activity. In the day-to-day grind, with project teams focused on their particular tasks, the product owner bears the brunt of mapping out the product vision, often with little input from other members of the team. While good product owners have a natural ability […]

How Millennial “Cord-Nevers” Are Transforming The Mobile Video Revolution

“For content owners, the reality is that your audience is slowly moving away from you, evolving into one that demands your best content anywhere, on any device, and at any time.” – Ooyala Global Video Index Q4 2015   While “cord-cutter” has been a common industry term ever since people started moving away from traditional […]

OTT Content: The Outlook for the Connected TV Market in 2017

  Over-the-top content – film and TV services delivered directly over the Internet to connected devices – is a key part of the evolution of connected TV.   The OTT market, already showing huge consumer uptake via providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon is expected to increase fourfold by 2019, with OTT subscription forecasted to […]

The Biggest App Development Trends at CES 2017

  The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the ultimate gathering for innovation where numerous companies come from around the world to show off new products and discuss the latest technology trends. These companies are setting new standards and driving user expectations even higher than they already are.       This year, there were a […]

Clearbridge Selected as one of Canada’s Best Employers For Recent Grads

  Clearbridge has recently been selected as one of Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates in The Career Directory 2017, a guide to entry-level recruitment for recent college and university graduates.   The Career Directory helps new graduates find student jobs that make the most of their university degree or college diploma. Each year, the […]

Mobile App Analytics You Should be Tracking to Boost Performance

  Developing and releasing a mobile app is just the first step in the long journey to delivering a top performing mobile app. Many users anticipate the release of a new app but are often left disappointed as expectations are unmet. The app market is saturated with products that fail to meet user expectations due […]