What Is SVOD: A Guide To Subscription Video On Demand

Transactional Video on Demand, Premium Video on Demand, Subscription Video on Demand, and new AVOD/SVOD hybrid platforms are engaged in a street fight these days for online audiences. This is the second article in our series exploring the different digital entertainment delivery platforms. We are exploring the entertainment on demand world we live in today, one […]

Connected TV & Platform Fragmentation: Choosing a Platform for Your OTT App

  Unlike the traditional mobile app development world where Apple iOS and Google Android dominate over 99 percent of the global mobile OS market share, the world of OTT app development is much more fragmented.  When it comes to OTT apps, audiences aren’t loyal to one or two platforms or devices for everything; they use […]

The At-Home Fitness App Wars: Apple’s Fitness+ vs. Peloton

The At-Home Fitness App Wars: Apple’s Fitness+ vs. Peloton

In our post-apocalyptic world where gyms are out of commission for the foreseeable future, fitness apps are all the rage. I must admit, after becoming an at-home fitness enthusiast myself, I can not imagine ever sitting in traffic just to face other sweaty gym-goers ever again.  With so many options available, I decided to compare […]

How to Evaluate an App + FREE Mobile App Assessment Download

Mobile App Assessment

Most of the world’s largest enterprises have an app in one or both of today’s major app stores, yet; many fail to see the ROI they had expected to come from implementing an application into their mobile strategy. Sadly, 75% of apps are only used once after being downloaded, then never used again. But why […]

Why Mobile App Onboarding is a Central Component of UX Design

Why Mobile App Onboarding is a Central Component of UX Design

  A major part of mobile app development ocuses on designing a user experience (UX) that is intuitive and leaves users feeling satisfied with the overall interaction. However, designers often forget that while conducting research, mapping flows, and testing interfaces, users haven’t. Months of designing UX and UI may be for nothing if your users […]

The Step-By-Step Guide to Mobile App Design and Discovery

A thorough product discovery session is an important yet often overlooked aspect of mobile app development. Too often, businesses emphasize usability at the expense of usefulness. While the former is crucial, it is pointless without considering the latter. Clearbridge Mobile’s Design and Discovery session helps make sure the mobile products we launch are not only […]

Building a DevOps Culture: DevOps Principles and Methodologies

  For many, the concept of DevOps and its operations are difficult to understand. Some say DevOps is only possible with cloud integration; that its methodologies are not suitable for outsourced mobile app development; that its processes don’t work with large, complex systems; and that it’s exclusively about communication. Yet, these fallacies prevent enterprises from […]

Building an Agile Transformation Strategy: Getting Started

  Agile has officially earned buzzword status. Known as a management methodology, numerous organizations as of late have attempted (successfully or unsuccessfully) to transform their existing organizational structure to become agile. Adopting an agile transformation strategy promises greater customer satisfaction, faster time to market, higher revenue growth, lower costs, and a more engaged workforce. However, […]

How Biometric Authentication is Shaping the Future of Security in Mobile Banking  

  Biometrics is a form of measuring physical characteristics to verify one’s identity with options including voice, fingerprints, face, retina, or iris of the eye, vein infrared thermogram, or a combination of these identifiers. It was once a form of cutting-edge technology only seen in science fiction movies; however, the security biometric authentication offers is […]

How Voice Technology is Disrupting the Retail, Financial, Healthcare and Travel Industries

  Voice technology in mobile app development is gaining mainstream acceptance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more efficient in identifying user intent, and heavy-hitters like Amazon, Google and Apple are fueling the voice search trend with their branded hardware. With the progression of AI, innovative decision makers are beginning to explore new opportunities to leverage […]