Introducing Metrological’s Lightning™ Framework

Why the Lightning™ Framework will drive future content experiences While the way we interact with, create and consume media has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past two decades, it’s the streaming and OTT domain where we have witnessed this phenomenon on a truly exponential scale. One of the most critical components for the […]

How to Leverage Big Data Streaming Analytics for OTT Content Personalization

How to Leverage Big Data Streaming Analytics for OTT Content Personalization

The way we view and interact with content is far different today than it was a decade ago. The accelerated growth and acceptance of OTT and media streaming platforms, the rise of high-speed internet, and the proliferation of the smartphone culture have transformed viewing behavior. We can view content whenever and wherever we choose, and […]

Why is OTT Authentication Important for Security and Conversion?

The way broadcasters and content providers distribute content has drastically changed within the last couple of years. With a significant increase in audiences flocking to OTT platforms in the last year, the media industry has undoubtedly changed everyone’s leisure time. However, the sudden increase in users on OTT platforms has also increased a number of […]

3 OTT App Monetization Strategies to Grow Revenue and Retain viewers

The OTT streaming ecosystem is growing rapidly, and the pandemic has only accelerated consumer adoption to OTT. In 2020 alone, cable TV lost over 1.4 million subscribers.  For many broadcasters and content providers looking to cash in on this trend, the main question about getting their users to adopt a new platform to consume their […]

How to Increase User Engagement with Mobile App Gamification

This is an excerpt from our e-book: The Ultimate Guide To New Streaming & Media App Engagement Strategies. Download the full version here As the mobile app market continues to grow rapidly, it’s becoming harder for app developers and organizations to stand out amongst competitors and grab their share of the market space. In particular, […]

Download: The Ultimate Guide To New Streaming & Media App Engagement Strategies

  If you’re a company in the media & entertainment space, then you know the 2020 global pandemic turned your whole business model on its head.  The pandemic only accelerated an inevitable trend: your audience wants more content, on any device and anytime. Millennials are cutting the cord at head-spinning rates, if they’ve ever even […]

YES Network Launches New Mobile App

YES Network has launched the YES App. The sports network collaborated with Clearbridge Mobile to deliver a daily digital destination for live game streaming and sports content for Yankees, Nets, NYCFC, and Liberty fans. The app — available on Android (mobile and tablet), iOS (mobile and tablet), Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and […]

6 OTT Streaming Trends to Watch For in 2021 and Beyond

  While the pandemic may have slowed some industries down, the OTT industry has picked up speed. Streaming services and other OTT platforms for live sports and events streaming are booming. In this article, we are looking at six major OTT industry trends. For anyone looking to enter the OTT and streaming market, arming yourself […]

What Is SVOD: A Guide To Subscription Video On Demand

Transactional Video on Demand, Premium Video on Demand, Subscription Video on Demand, and new AVOD/SVOD hybrid platforms are engaged in a street fight these days for online audiences. This is the second article in our series exploring the different digital entertainment delivery platforms. We are exploring the entertainment on demand world we live in today, one […]

Connected TV & Platform Fragmentation: Choosing a Platform for Your OTT App

  Unlike the traditional mobile app development world where Apple iOS and Google Android dominate over 99 percent of the global mobile OS market share, the world of OTT app development is much more fragmented.  When it comes to OTT apps, audiences aren’t loyal to one or two platforms or devices for everything; they use […]