Download: A Retailer’s Guide to App Analytics
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A Retailer’s Guide To App Analytics: How To Use Data To Enhance The Shopping Experience

Mobile apps are quickly becoming an essential part of retailers’ omnichannel strategy. They are proving their value as a medium to engage shoppers and enhance their experiences; and as a tool for improving operational efficiencies in-store, driving more impactful marketing, and driving retail sales.


Consumers cite personalization and better speed/performance as main reasons they use retail apps, while retailers enjoy the ability to better understand their customers and drive additional revenue.


With retail apps, data is the key to a) offering a better experience to shoppers and b) gaining a better understanding of customers.


A Retailer’s Guide to App Analytics discusses how to make retail app data actionable to add value both for your customers and your organization. Specifically, it explores:


  • The benefits of collecting data
  • Key retail metrics to measure
  • Data collection and usage best practices
  • How data can be used to optimize in-store operations, improve the customer experience, and ultimately drive sales

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