Clearbridge Mobile Named a Top Global Service Provider on Clutch.co
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Clearbridge Mobile is an award-winning full stack mobile app development company providing user-centric product design and engineering services. We leverage a custom agile process that reduces risk and gives our clients predictable project velocity. Most importantly, we work with our clients to create compelling mobile experiences that their users love.


Recently, we found out that we were recognized as a global leader in mobile app development. Being featured on Clutch’s platform is something we could not be more excited about. Clutch is a B2B services ratings and reviews agency that strives to connect buyers with the best global service providers. Clutch’s extensive research covers industries such as IT services, mobile app and web development, advertising and marketing, and more. With this research, they are able to provide buyers with the crucial market insight they need to make important business buying decisions.


Here at Clearbridge Mobile, we are proud to boast we are featured as one of the top mobile app development companies in the world according to Clutch’s annual report on the top service providers in the world, due to our solid market presence, distinguished reputation among our clients, and dedication to serving our customers’ every need.


In addition to our recognition by Clutch, our high rankings allowed us to be featured on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest. Clearbridge Mobile is proud to be featured as one of the global Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies. Similar to Clutch, The Manifest is another online database that researches top global B2B providers. This platform provides industry reports, how-to-guides, and lists of top global service providers, so businesses can make more informed buying decisions.


In order to be featured on Clutch’s platform, we were extensively evaluated based on our market presence in the mobile app development industry. Our presence consists of our clientele, portfolio, and projects we have completed.


Clutch stands out from other review sites, as their team of analysts conducts research via speaking directly with partners and clients to gather feedback. These interviews are then converted into written reviews and published on their website, so companies are better able to make informed business buying decisions.


To learn more about Clearbridge Mobile and the various services we offer, feel free to look at our profile as published by Clutch.