Introducing FoCuS: The Comprehensive Mobile App Prototyping Solution
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Mobile app prototyping is a tremendously valuable exercise. It allows you to create a visualization of how your mobile app will function, demonstrate user flows, and give an idea of design and layout.

For those who have a good idea of what their mobile strategy is and have already gone through the product definition phase, mobile app prototyping tools such as InVision (which we often use to create app mockups) will usually do the trick.


But what many app prototyping tools lack are the earlier steps in this process: mobile strategy and product definition. For entrepreneurs and startups looking for investors, or those looking to achieve internal buy-in for their mobile app ideas, just the app prototype usually isn’t enough. That’s why we created FoCuS.


FoCuS – The Comprehensive App Prototyping Solution

FoCuS is a multi-pronged service that combines mobile strategy, product definition, and mobile app prototyping into one. It is fast and effective, allowing you to define and prototype your mobile product in days rather than months. Here is the high-level overview of how FoCuS works:

Step 1: Frame The Problem




This step of FoCuS is the mobile strategy component that lays the foundation for a successful product. We do a deep dive into business requirements; identify the major pain points of your customers; identify the goals and objectives of your mobile product; and help validate the product. During the mobile strategy phase, we tackle:


  • User personas and user journey maps
  • Customer pains and gains
  • Opportunity statements (how can we make things easier for your customer?)

Step 2: Capture Ideas


Capture Ideas


Rapid, intensive product definition is tackled in this step, wherein we help you identify, map, and prioritize your product features to let you make the biggest impact on the market in the most efficient way. Deliverables from this phase include:


  • Product features to build out
  • Feature prioritization
  • Product roadmap

Step 3: Visualization




The final phase of FoCuS is the mobile app prototyping itself. We don’t just provide a clickable app prototype; we also create wireframes and mockups that demonstrate the potential structure and design of the app itself. This is a more involved approach to app prototyping that provides you more ammunition when you are aiming to achieve buy-in from internal or external stakeholders. At the end of the final step of FoCuS, you will have:


  • Wireframes
  • App mockups
  • A clickable mobile app prototype


The End Result of FoCuS

FoCuS goes beyond typical mobile app prototyping to give you a concrete plan so you can immediately begin development on your MVP (minimum viable product). FoCuS is your one-stop-shop for mobile strategy, product definition, and visualization that gives you:


  • Problem definition: What problem your product is going to solve
  • A Storyboard: A visual sketch of how the user moves through your product from start to finish
  • Product Roadmap: What features are going to be built and when
  • Wireframes: Diagrams of the product composition
  • App Prototype: An interactive sample of the product experience
  • App Mockups: Polished and branded representation of the product composition


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