The Mobile App Product Requirements Document [Free Template]
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Click here to download your PRD template.

A product requirements document (PRD), also known as a product specifications document, is the foundation of your product, outlining the user flow, business logic, and technical specifications, ensuring that you and your team build a successful product.


A Product Requirements Document is a good starting point for your mobile project. It ensures all project requirements are clear before you start development. Preparing a mobile app requirements document provides clarity on any new app or feature so that everyone is on the same page in all aspects of the project.


Mobile App PRD

Why Do You Need a Product Requirements Document?

A quality product begins with a need that it is trying to address. The product requirements document will help your team have a clear understanding of what the need is, and how your product addresses it. While there are different ways of organizing what this document looks like, we find it beneficial to include both Business Requirements and Product/Technical Requirements, as well as a few other considerations that will help best prepare your engineering team to get your product to market successfully. Download our customizable template to help you build an effective mobile app requirements document.




Mobile App PRD